Why You Should Buy A Gaming Desktop

Gaming consoles like PlayStation and XBox are great for a while. But over time, the technology within a gaming console becomes outdated and your gaming experience will start to feel boring.

    Here is why your next gaming console shouldn’t be a gaming console; it should be a gaming PC instead.

    Why Choose a Gaming PC?

    1. Graphics capabilities

    Unlike gaming consoles, you can update your gaming PC with new and more powerful hardware that gives you better graphics capabilities as your budget allows or as the technology emerges.

      The NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 will play most games at Full HD (1080p) resolutions, as well as some in Quad HD resolutions (1440p). You can guarantee to reach at least 60 fps in most games at 1080p.

        The AMD® Radeon RX 580 is also a solid pick for 1080p gaming at high settings and 1440p at lower settings, along with 8GB of memory.

        2. Performance power

        Gaming PCs are built for upgrades and customization and are therefore on the cutting edge of performance-enhancing technology developments on an ongoing basis.

          Gaming PCs can perform better than gaming consoles thanks to the ability to buy or build a powerful gaming system with multi-core central processing units (CPUs), graphics processing units (GPUs or graphics cards), hard drives (HDD), storage, random access memory (RAM), and high-resolution displays.

            Intel® Core™ i7 processor is one of Intel’s fastest processors, and with an NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics, a 1TB HDD, and 16GB of RAM, you'll have enough power for virtual reality (VR) gaming.

            3. Games availability

            PC games are not only plentiful, but they’re also available at prices that are often competitive at release then discounted once they’ve been out for a while.

              The Steam platform, which lets you search, buy, and launch games, is comparatively better for games and availability. There are far more options to pick up older games on sale, for instance, and Steam often provides deep discounts on recently released AAA games.

                There are also other storefronts regularly offering a plethora of discounted games, including Battle.net, GamersGate, Amazon, GOG.com, Epic Games Store, and more. Compared with game consoles, PC gaming offers plenty of free-to-play games as well.

                4. Gameplay options

                In contrast to console gaming, you can play games on the PC using peripherals of your choice - including mouse, keyboard, monitor, headset, speakers, controllers, and more.

                  A mechanical keyboard is particularly well-suited for competitive gaming on the PC, as the ultra-responsive mechanical switches is 10 times faster than traditional keyboard switches.

                    Gaming mouse lets you fine-tune your accuracy with precision movement and easily adjustable settings, as well as fast click response time thanks to optical-mechanical switch technology and light beam detection.

                      Gaming on the PC is not complete without the right headset. Not only do they offer surround sound for immersive and life-like acoustics, they're also designed for comfort during long gaming sessions and easily adjustable audio controls.

                      5. Upgradability

                      It’s a commonly held idea that gaming PCs are too expensive when compared to gaming consoles. While PCs are certainly more expensive in terms of initial costs, it’s also true that upgradability is easier and can be less expensive in the long run.

                        With a gaming PC, you can upgrade or buy a new processor, graphics card, motherboard, RAM, storage, and more. You can even upgrade your case or chassis.

                          But you will most likely be able to use the same CPU and GPU for a number of years. And if you do need to upgrade those components in the future, hardware costs are constantly coming down as technology improves.

                          6. Other functionality

                          The gaming console is used solely for gaming. That’s about it. Gaming PCs, however, have many functions beyond gaming.

                            Besides playing games, your PC can also be used for video or photo editing, multitasking on projects, or for daily tasks like email, writing school papers, and streaming YouTube and Netflix.

                              Work and entertainment applications for your computer are virtually limitless.

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