3 Signs it’s Time for New PC

If you are looking to grow your business effectively, you would want to provide your employees with the best productivity tools. While it can be a chore to shop for new devices, you don’t always have to go all out on spending.

    Before making a hasty decision to change your devices, watch out for these three signs that indicate it’s time for a device upgrade.

    1. When your PCs are slowing down

    Long start-up times, frequent crashes and slow performance drain productivity and time. Issues like these may seem trivial at first, but the digital downtime actually adds up to more than five wasted working days each year!

      Opt for a change before it begins to chip away at your employees’ motivation and morale.

      2. Quick fixes are no longer effective

      You’ve upgraded your PC's hardware to improve the performance—but the improvements are only short-lived. Using old technology with software providers that have stopped providing support can make your PC an easy target for cyber criminals.

        If IT maintenance and security issues are consuming too much of your resources, it’s time to stop with the patching and instead consider a tech refresh.

        3. Your business has outgrown your PCs

        As your business expands, the IT needs of your employees will grow. Your employee may require more sophisticated collaboration tools that his old computer isn’t equipped to support.

          Support your employees in the growth of their roles, with better and faster tools to work more productively. Provide them with light, sturdy, and sleek laptops that allow them to work in and out of office.


          If all the above scenarios describe your current struggles, it’s time to switch to new computers.

            Talk to your employees about their technological needs, to make sure that you’re deciding that’s truly best for them. It may also help to check with the IT services team to ensure you’re getting expert advice.

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