Best HP Laptop for Travel

Travelling is one of the many luxuries in life. Some of us can choose to enjoy the vacation in peace, and some of us wants to stay connected to the world as we fly around the globe.

    Whether it’s for work or leisure, a laptop with dependable performance, and a thin and lightweight design is a great traveling companion. Let us help you pick the best laptop to compliment your travel style, needs and budget.

    What Kind of Traveler Are You?

    Business Traveler

    For those who frequently travel for work or business purposes, you would need a laptop with functionalities to support presentation, collaboration and conferencing.

      As a traveling professional, having a fast-charging, long-life battery is great to ensure your meetings and events would go on smoothly without interruptions.

        You may also want a laptop with increased security features, such as malware defender or facial recognition, for protection against hacking attempts and other threats.

        Light Traveler

        Whether you’re doing cross-country backpacking, sightseeing around historic cities, or relaxing on a scenic tropical beach, you’d definitely want to post your journey on various blog and vlog platforms.

          With so many pictures and videos documenting your trip, having a large data storage space is crucial.

            A light traveler is a happy traveler, so a thin and lightweight laptop is your best bet, as they won’t take up much space in your backpack or exceed the weight limit of your hand-carry luggage.

            Digital Nomad

            Working while traveling is a growing trend these days, as you get to enjoy the world while still earning income.

              Having a powerful laptop with high-quality display and audio is great for working with creative applications, video calls with your family or business partners and enjoying movies in your downtime.

                While an ample data storage is necessary, a long-life battery is important too so you can remain connected and working while you’re in a long-haul flight or sipping coffee at a café.


                Business Traveler



                Elitebook 1030

                HP Elitebook x360 1030

                Elitebook 1020

                HP Elitebook x360 1020



                Elitebook 830

                HP EliteBook 830

                Elite x2

                HP Elite x2 1013



                Probook x360

                HP ProBook x360

                Probook 430

                HP ProBook 430

                Light Traveler



                Spectre x360

                HP Spectre x360

                Spectre 13

                HP Spectre 13

                Coming Soon



                Envy 13

                HP Envy 13

                Pavilion 13

                HP Pavilion 13"



                Pavilion x360 11

                HP Pavilion 11"

                Chromebook 14

                HP Chromebook 14

                Digital Nomad



                Spectre Folio

                HP Spectre Folio

                ZBook 14u

                HP ZBook 14u



                Pavilion 14

                HP Pavilion 14"

                Pavilion x360 14

                HP Pavilion x360 14"



                HP Envy x360

                HP Envy x360

                HP 14

                HP 14" Laptop

                What to consider before buying a laptop for travel?

                1. Portability

                This is very important when it comes to choosing a laptop for travel. To ensure a smooth travelling experience, you would want your laptop to be as light and thin as possible, without compromising on the performance that you need.

                2. Price

                Before you decide to purchase a laptop for travel, figure out your usage and needs for the laptop. If you need a powerful laptop, it will require a heavier price tag. But if your usage is basic and mostly online, you’ll be good with a simple device that is more budget-friendly.

                3. Battery life

                Some flights are long, and some meetings will require you to be out the whole day. A plug socket might not always be available, so a fast-charging, long-life battery is your best bet to minimize interruptions throughout your travels.

                4. Storage

                If you’re going to store a lot of photos and videos from your travels, it’s important that your laptop to have a large hard drive space. Fortunately, many laptop nowadays comes with ample data storage space, whether it’s an SSD or SATA hard disk drives.

                5. Processing Power

                If you’re using your laptop for mostly online browsing and applications like the Microsoft Office programs, a mid-range processor will be sufficient. If you’re using several editing and creative applications, then you would require a high-powered processor for a better overall performance.

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