Are 4K Monitors Worth It for Gaming?

While widespread use of 4K technology is relatively new, it gives big advantages for any dedicated gamer to consider. There is a growing number of accessible 4K options arriving on the market as the technology continues to evolve.

    Here are some things to keep in mind before you decide to purchase a 4K monitor.

    What is 4K?

    The term “4K” refers to a display’s screen resolution, specifically its associated pixel range.

      The standard with 4K in most scenarios will be around 3840 × 2160 pixels.

        The horizontal resolution is in the range of 4000 or, simply put, 4K.

        What you need to make it work

        Fortunately, more 4K content is being created and the capacity to show it properly is increasingly integrated into games, TV shows, and films.

        Many users find the advantages of 4K less compelling on smaller displays, so the monitor’s dimensions and your preferred style of gaming or viewing should be considered before you purchase one.

        If you’re using a 4K gaming monitor as part of your desktop setup, your computer needs to be powerful enough to run it, which means more memory and a higher-end graphics card to avoid glitches or degradation.

        A more detailed and vibrant game worlds

        As more Triple-A (AAA) and competitive games are designed with the format in mind, it’s more likely that an older generation build won’t properly showcase what these games are capable of.

          Also, with the price of a new 4K computer monitors going down, it’s never been easier to upgrade or add one to your gaming computer build.

            So, is a 4K monitor worth it for gaming? Absolutely.

            Crystal clear 4K with HP®

            HP® offers a variety of options, including the powerful HP Z Displays and our HP ENVY 27-inch Display.

              For the serious gamer on-the-go, you can also find options for 4K display upgrades in our OMEN laptops.

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