Best HP Business Laptop Backpacks

If you are someone who often travels for meetings and other business purposes, it's important that you own a robust and reliable backpack to carry your laptop and personal belongings.

    It’s wise to take your time when selecting the best laptop backpack for business travel. Read this article to learn how to choose a good backpack and see our top backpack models.

    Why do you need a laptop backpack?

    1. Comfort

    A laptop backpack is specifically designed to balance weight evenly across your body, reducing strain on your back and shoulders and giving you more control while moving.

      2. Protection

      The right backpack is also incredibly secure. No one will be able to simply snatch your laptop from you when it is kept in a proper backpack.

        3. Stylish

        Backpacks are the most modern choice, style-wise, as well. They communicate that you’re active, on-the-go, and ready to take on new challenges.

          4. Reliable

          Today’s backpacks are versatile in their design and look, giving you a variety of sturdy fabric choices that can tolerate the rough treatment they will be subject to on a typical business trip.

          How to choose a laptop backpack

          1. What size device do you use?

          If you have a larger laptop, go bigger, but don’t forget that some of the slim options accommodate large screen sizes. If you are only taking along a tablet, don’t feel that you need the full space a large backpack provides.

          2. Does your business deals with sensitive data?

          Many workplaces require their employees to take security precautions to guard their computer and card information when traveling. If you work in industries with extra security requirements, consider upgrading to RFID pockets and secured zippers when traveling.

          3. Will it fit?

          Business laptop backpacks are made to go everywhere you go, including on a plane or train cabin. Look for one that easily tucks under the seat in front of you and won’t be required to take up overhead bin space.

            Choose a bag that has a slim profile but still gives you ample space to store those things you want to keep right at your side.

            Best HP Business Laptop Backpacks

            HP Slim Backpack

            With a super-stylish black and gray plaid design, the HP Slim backpack supports a minimalist look. It’s free from distracting designs, protruding pockets, or an oversized zipper pull.

              This backpack protects your laptop or Ultrabook™ with the soft-lined interior with a padded compartment, with storage for your extras, elastic straps for your cables, and a pouch for your tablet.

                The carefree polyester fabric wipes clean and looks great for years. Suitable for laptops with up to a 15.6-inch screen, the strap on this backpack can be switched to be worn as a messenger bag too.

                HP Prelude Backpack

                For laptops up to 15.6 inches, the HP Prelude laptop backpack is a simple way to stay organized and secure. It is a classic black color, with a light pop of blue on the interior to help you see where everything is stashed.

                  The carefully padded pockets and casing give some major protection to your gear, adding to the chances it will stay in great shape despite your rough travel conditions. Adjustable straps make it easy to fit, or you can choose to carry it by the top loop like a handheld case. It is one of the most affordable backpacks on the market too.

                  HP Business 17-inch laptop backpack

                  The HP Business 17.3 laptop backpack has all the modern conveniences of style, storage, and comfort, but it offers some tech-savvy solutions, too.

                    In addition to having ample room for your laptop of up to 17.3 inches, it sports a set of durable double-coil, locking zippers that only you can open.

                      Keeping your credit cards and passport info safe is a breeze thanks to the RFID pocket that comes standard on this backpack.

                      HP ENVY Urban 15-inch laptop backpack

                      The HP ENVY Urban 15.6 laptop backpack is a very modern design to rival fashion bags on the market while still paying attention to the security of your laptop and belongings.

                        A beautiful gray cloth exterior is accented with genuine leather handles and detailing. While its brushed appearance seems refined, it’s rugged and weather-resistant to keep your belongings protected from the elements.

                          If you travel through airport security, this backpack comes with a TSA-compliant laptop compartment that allows you to breeze through security with any laptop under 15 inches.

                          HP Executive 17-inch laptop backpack

                          The HP Executive 17.3 laptop backpack proves that a modestly priced business laptop backpack can do the most amazing things. With stylish design and two colors to choose from, it is modern, yet it goes with everything.

                            It offers innovative security features, including an RFID pocket, locking zipper, and a unique hidden pocket that can safely hold an optional and discrete Bluetooth tracking device.

                              A handy top pocket keeps the stuff you need most, such as your keys, right where you can reach them easiest.

                              HP Duotone 15-inch laptop backpack

                              With simple styling and bold, color-blocked interior color, the HP Duotone 15.6 laptop backpack is easily a contender for best laptop backpacks for business travel. Each pocket is made to expertly hold your gear, from pens to chargers to business cards, and more.

                                Laptops of up to 15.6 inches will find a snug home while away from home, too. Ample padding, secure straps, and pockets make sure your stuff stays where it belongs in the busiest times of travel.


                                As laptops change, the methods we use to carry them will also. This means that you should carefully consider what your future laptop needs will be before buying a backpack.

                                • Do you foresee getting a smaller notebook down the road? You can invest in a larger backpack now and be assured that your next model will fit just fine.
                                • Are you considering an upgrade to a portable workstation with a brilliant 17-inch display like the HP ZBook? Look at backpacks that will fit your future now, and you won’t be disappointed later.

                                With so many choices in fabrics, security standards, comfort design, and color, it can be difficult to know which features you should care about most. One final thing to remember is that HP backpacks are made with HP-branded products in mind, but they can be used with any brand of device, provided it fits.

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