Best HP Ultrawide Monitors

Whether you’re working, playing online multiplayer games, watching movies, or editing photos on your laptop, the display size of your monitor can make or break your experience.

    No matter how you want to amp up your workstation or gaming rig, it’s critical to read the fine print when it comes to selecting the best screen for you.

    Widescreen VS ultrawide monitor

    Today, most computer monitors have widescreen displays with an aspect ratio of 16:9. TV shows and films are typically shot in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Certain portable PCs sometimes have a smaller or more narrow aspect ratio, such as 3:2 or 16:10.

      On the other hand, ultrawide monitors have a 21:9 aspect ratio. This offers several more inches of width and a much more immersive, seamless experience than your standard widescreen monitor.

      Flat VS curved ultrawide monitor

      The biggest benefit of the panoramic view offered by a curved monitor is that it keeps your entire field of vision engaged in a natural way. The HP ENVY 34-in curved all-in-one monitor delivers a cinematic viewing experience with just a small, almost invisible edge.

        Another major benefit of a curved monitor is that it shows a truer-to-life image compared a flat screen. Because of the rounded design, there’s less distortion on a curved monitor as it corrects the lens distortion you can sometimes get with a flat screen.

          Curved displays are also physically easier on your eyes since it mimics how you naturally perceive and take in visual information. This is because the curved screen directs light from all angles toward the viewer's eye.

          Advantages of a 4K ultrawide monitor

          An ultrawide 4K monitor is packed with four times the pixels of a High Definition (HD) monitor. These high-resolution displays intensify visual content with seamless transitions between colors, deep shadows, and true-to-life tone accuracy.

            Especially useful for professionals who require cutting-edge editing software or gamers with a deep love of digital worlds, 4K monitors have many uses in and out of the office.

            Ultrawide monitor features for design and editing

            The HP DreamColor Z31x Studio ultrawide monitor is one of the best options for professionals who need accurate, vibrant colors as they handle creative material.

              This monitor boasts Quad High Definition (QHD) with HP DreamColor Technology. A built-in colorimeter and application management tools mean you can blast through your work tasks like a boss.

              Another great option for design pros is the HP Z38c 37.5-inch curved ultrawide monitor. With 37.5 inches of curved immersion, you can completely submerge yourself in your creations.

                On this display, icons and text are fitted to an ideal size so you don’t have to pan or zoom to navigate.

                Ultrawide monitor features for professional gaming

                The HP OMEN X 35-inch curved ultrawide monitor delivers a fully-submersive 4K experience no matter what virtual world you enter.

                  This monitor offers a high-quality contrast ratio, so nothing escapes your omniscient view.

                  Another exceptional gaming monitor, the HP OMEN 25-inch display is a powerful 144 Hz gaming monitor - one of the best monitors for tournament gaming.

                    With its insanely high monitor refresh rate, you’ll have the first chance to react to enemies, friends, or environments so you always come out on top with the gold medal.

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