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  1. Center facing
    OMEN by HP Keyboard 1100
    Starting from
    Available soon
  2. Center facing
    HP 8GB DDR4-3200 SODIMM
    • Flexible, fast scalability
    • HP-tested
    • Supported by HP
    Starting from
    Available soon
  3. GT Sonic X1
    GT Sonic X1
    • Light, Simple & Fashionable
    • Remove all Grease and Dirt - Simply pour water into the container and wait for 60 seconds to remove dirt, fingerprints, and oil from the glasses. Enjoy the professional optical shop cleaning service at home.
    • Water and Dust Resistance - 12V low voltage dustproof & waterproof grade IP54, safe and durable.
    • Multipurpose - Suitable for glasses, bracelets, earrings, watches, metal accessories.
    • Safe & Durable - GT SONIC X1, the only portable ultrasonic cleaner with insulation layer that prevents electric leakage from short circuit.
    • Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE, GS.
    • ・Dimensions: 18.6 cm x 10 cm x 5.9 cm
    • ・Product Weight : About 400g
    • ・Material: ABS
    • ・Rated Voltage: DC12V
    • ・AC Adaptor: AC100V~240V
    • ・Ultrasonic Frequency: 40kHz
    • ・Material of Cleaner Tank: SUS304
    • ・Electricity Consumption: 15W
    • ・Volume of Cleaner Tank: About 450ml, limit (MAX) standard line is about 400ml
    • Terms and Conditions:
    • 1. For non-HP branded product or service. Product support, maintenance and inquiries are provided by the service provider's designated service provider or agent. For detailed terms and conditions of the products and services, please refer to the instructions in the product packaging. For technical support and customer service, please contact the product supplier iGadget [Tel: (852) 3586 5301].
    • 2. The above product information and details are provided by the product supplier. If there is any ambiguity, error, misleading or doubtful part, please contact the relevant product supplier or agent directly iGadget [Tel: (852) 3586 5301]. HP is not responsible.
    • 3. This product is a non-HP branded product or service and HP is not responsible for any compensation, loss or liability arising out of or relating to the product or service.
    • 4. HP reserves the right to change the product information and terms and conditions on the website at any time. Any changes to the above terms will be posted on the HP Hong Kong website without further notice to the customer.
    Starting from
    Available soon
  4. Right facing
    HP Pavilion High Power Adapter 150W
    • On-demand powerhouse
    • Have power, will travel
    • Stable power. Uninterrupted performance.
    • Easy organization
    Starting from
    Available soon
  5. Center facing
    HP Active Pen with App Launch
    Starting from
    Available soon
  6. Center facing
    HP USB-C/A Universal Dock G2
    • Future-proof your fleet
    • Single-cable solution
    • Backward compatibility
    • Easily manage your commercial HP fleet
    • Small footprint
    Starting from
    Available soon
  7. Center facing
    OMEN by HP Mouse Pad 100
    Starting from
    Available soon
  8. Right facing
    HP Z3700 Black Wireless Mouse
    Starting from
    Available soon
  9. Left facing
    HP B250 PC Mounting Bracket
    • Make room and keep things tidy
    • Work comfortably
    • Rest easy
    Starting from
    Available soon
  10. Right facing
    HP Quick Release Bracket 2
    • 167 x 130 x 17.9 mm
    • 0.49 kg
    Starting from
    Available soon
  11. Center facing
    HP Z5000 Bluetooth Mouse
    Starting from
    Available soon
  12. Center facing
    HP Nano Keyed Cable Lock
    • Loop and lock
    • Room to move
    • Rest easy
    Starting from
    Available soon

Items 49-60 of 129

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