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  1. Left facing
    HP USB PS2 Washable Keyboard and Mouse
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    Available soon
  2. Center facing
    Best Seller
    HP Desktop Mini Dual VESA Sleeve v3
    • Retain connectivity
    • Mix and match
    • World-class support
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    Available soon
  3. Left facing
    AMD Radeon R7 430 2GB DisplayPort VGA Card
    • Flexible connectivity
    • Smart memory
    • Broad application support
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    Available soon
  4. Center facing
    HP Thunderbolt Dock 120W G2
    • Command your workspace from a single Thunderbolt™ 3 (USB-C™) connection
    • Reset your perception
    • Manage your enterprise fleet like a boss
    • Maximize your multi-tasking
    • Now hear this
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    Available soon
  5. LX Desk Monitor Arm
    LX Desk Monitor Arm
    Find your best view, save desk space and discover your most productive self, thanks to the LX Desk Monitor Arm. Place your screen where you need it with patented Constant Force™ Technology, and then reclaim a space full of opportunities by folding the arm and pushing it aside during a much-needed screen break.
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    Available soon
  6. Right facing
    HP Z3700 White Wireless Mouse
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    Available soon
  7. Left facing
    HP USB Keyboard for PC
    Starting from
    Available soon
  8. Left facing
    HP USB Keyboard for PC
    Starting from
    Available soon
  9. Center facing
    HP X3000 Silver Wireless Mouse
    • Premium HP standards
    • Stylish, attractive design
    • No more pulling. No more tugging.
    • Scroll wheel
    Starting from
    Available soon
  10. Center facing
    HP Wireless Mouse Z4000
    Starting from
    Available soon
  11. EYES 4 360°Aluminum Laptop Stand
    EYES 4 360°Aluminum Laptop Stand
    • Comfortable Viewing Angle
    • Full 360 Roating Base
    • Prevent Overheating
    • Terms and Conditions:
    • 1. For non-HP branded product or service. Product support, maintenance and inquiries are provided by the service provider's designated service provider or agent. For detailed terms and conditions of the products and services, please refer to the instructions in the product packaging. For technical support and customer service, please contact the product supplier iGadget [Tel: (852) 3586 5301].
    • 2. The above product information and details are provided by the product supplier. If there is any ambiguity, error, misleading or doubtful part, please contact the relevant product supplier or agent directly iGadget [Tel: (852) 3586 5301]. HP is not responsible.
    • 3. This product is a non-HP branded product or service and HP is not responsible for any compensation, loss or liability arising out of or relating to the product or service.
    • 4. HP reserves the right to change the product information and terms and conditions on the website at any time. Any changes to the above terms will be posted on the HP Hong Kong website without further notice to the customer.
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    Available soon
  12. Boogie board blackboard電子手寫塗鴉板
    Boogie board blackboard電子手寫塗鴉板


    • 8.5“x11”吋書寫介面
    • 透明屏幕,可隨意放置主題輔助設計
    • 一鍵內容即時清除功能
    • 部份內容清除功能,可用筆上的橡皮膠刷掉不需要的部份
    • 內容鎖定保護功能
    • 無限次使用,無須紙墨
    • IOS App (App兼容IOS及Android)
    • 配有模板 (線、網格、7日計劃及黑色底紙) 輔助設計
    • 無紙化書寫,減少碳,環保
    • 應用程式支援優化作品
    • 可更換CR2032 3V 電池,每約五年更換一次


    • 電池:可更換CR2032 3V 電池,每約五年更換一次
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    Available soon

Items 37-48 of 129

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