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Why Original HP Ink?
#1 Brand in Ink is Also the #1 Value

  • Original HP Ink cartridges outperform non-HP brands. In independent testing, Original HP ink cartridges printed up to twice the pages—on average—of refilled cartridges tested.1
  • Superior reliability: In tests, only Original HP ink cartridges worked every time. 42% of tested refilled ink cartridges were found dead on arrival or failed prematurely.1
  • As of August 2009, HP has collected more than 159.5 million ink cartridges – that is equal to 6.8 million kilograms worth of cartridges since HP Planet Partners2 started in 1997.
  • HP Vivera inks give you bright, vivid, amazing colors that resist fading for generations. 3

Why Original HP Toner?
#1 Brand in Toner is Also the #1 Value

  • In a recent survey, 57% of non-HP toner cartridge users surveyed believed their printers had been damaged due to the use of these cartridges, in some cases very significant damage requiring printer repair or replacement. 1
  • Printer damage can lead to lower job production, which means less time with clients. Original HP Toner tested worked the first time, every time.2
  • Remanufactured toner cartridges tested don't work properly 25% of the time.2
  • Based on HP calculations which leverage the findings from a QualityLogic study, businesses that use remanufactured cartridges may incur 2x more/ up to 31% more in total costs over time.3
  • 1Results of 3rd party testing, commissioned by HP done by TÜV SÜD PSD Ltd – 2010 Reliability Comparison Study Asia. Ink cartridges tested 45, 78, 56, 57, 60 Black & 60 Tri-colour. Full report available at www.tuv-sud-psb.sg/reportdisclaimer.aspx http://www.tuv-sud-psb.sg/reportdisclaimer.aspx. Applicable for selected Original HP Ink Cartridges only.
  • 2Programme availability varies. HP print cartridge return and recycling is currently available in more than 50 countries, territories and regions in Asia, Europe, and North and South America through the HP Planet Partners programme. For more information, visit: www.hp.com/recycle.
  • 3Display-permanence rating by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., or HP Image Permanence Lab. For details, www.hp.com/go/printpermanence.
  • 1Based on a Survey, commissioned by HP, for both HP & non-HP toner cartridges, conducted in 2010 by Millward Brown amongst HP LaserJet printer owners in small & medium businesses in China, India and Korea.
  • 2A QualityLogic 2008 study, commissioned by HP, compared Original HP LaserJet print cartridges with remanufactured toner cartridges sold in Asia Pacific for the HP LaserJet 2300 and HP LaserJet 4350 printers only. For details, see www.qualitylogic.com/tonertestAP.pdf http://www.tuv-sud-psb.sg/reportdisclaimer.aspx.
  • 3HP cost calculation based on the average results of the 2008 QualityLogic Monochrome Toner Reliability Comparison Study (www.qualitylogic.com/tonertestAP.pdf http://www.tuv-sud-psb.sg/reportdisclaimer.aspx). Calculation includes paper, cartridge replacement and labor for reprints. Assumes equal number of pages for external, internal and individual use. Labor rate from a Mercer 2007/08 Global Pay Study (average for: KR, SG, AU and HK). Assumes purchase price for HP cartridge is US$115 and 50 percent lower purchase price for a remanufactured cartridge. Usage based on 123,101 pages per year. Actual prices, costs and savings may vary.