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NON-ORIGINAL HP CARTRIDGES REVEALED! - Consumers all across Singapore are being failed by Non-Original HP cartridges! Read their stories here!
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Turn regret into reward!

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Non-original cartridges!



As an educator we tell our students not to use compatible parts to replace original ones. Once a student gave me a compatible printing ink to replace the original one. But it soon blocked the mouth of the printing head and made it useless. This is a real story teaching us a lesson not to use compatible parts to replace original ones.
- James Pun

You can't imagine how bad the printout will be until you tried using compatible cartridges. Once you've tried, there is no second time. Original cartridges guarantee quality printouts which (is) very important for commercial users like us.

- T.H. LAM

At one time using 3rd party toner to rush for a proposal, the toner is not equally spread across the paper and end up nearly blow the entire project and proposal. Since then, we will never go for any compatible toner.....

- Antonio Lo

Buy a forgery HP inkjet, not fit your printer and caused damage. Remember, no free lunch.

- King To Tsang

The colour is very unstable and somehow the printing appeared blur. The ink pack got dry within 1 month duration.

- Henry Pang

It is very annoying that the fake ink box damages the ink head. The fact that the fake ink box use a low quality ink. The damaged printer became useless as a result. I will never buy fake ink box again.

- Gilbert Cheuk Wah Tsang

I thought refilling my ink cartridge was the way to go, and boy was I wrong! Every picture was distorted and streaking and none of the colors came out the color they were supposed to. My project was a mess because of it.

- Ivan Chan

I'm out of work and have gone back to school and in order to save money on my printing, I chose an off-brand ink for my HP printer - not a good idea. The quality of the printing was awful! I've learned my lesson and will stick to HP printer cartridges for all my printing!

- Kit Ma

I purchased discount refills off the internet and had to buy 4 or more to get a great deal. Well, by the time I started using the cartridges, 2 of the 4 did not work!

- Elaine Wong

I had a cartridge refilled and I will never do that again!!! It leaked all over the place. I will only use HP ink cartridges for my HP printer from now on!

- Apple Chen

We tried to print our wedding invitations with remanufactured ink cartridges. Every 3rd copy had lines. We had to run 2 copies, turn the printer off and then repeat. After doing that for 55 invitations, the ink ran out!

- Kathie Liu

I used non-original HP ink that I bought online for cheap. It clogged my printer and I had to take it in for repairs. It cost me more to fix than if I had used the right ink in the first place!

- Natalie Wang

I ordered 10 non-original cartridges in bulk to get the best discount. I opened one of the packages and the black ink exploded all over my desk. After 45 minutes of cleaning it up, I opened another one and the same thing happened. My hands are still stained from the horrible experience.

- Raymond Li

I purchased a refilled cartridge and ended up having it leak all over me and my floor. I thought saving money was going to be great, but it cost me much more in ruining my floor.

- Andrew Ng

I have been buying refill cartridges from a local contact. I have had some that I had to return because they simply stopped printing or leaked. I went back to HP cartridges eventually. Non-original cartridges are simply not worth the time!

- Rose Ma

I tried an online supplier for HP 60 XL refilled cartridges. From the outset it would not align properly. Some pages were printed with smudges. From then on, I've stayed with HP original cartridges.

- Thomas Wu

I thought I would save a few dollars by using a kit to refill my own cartridges. (It) What a mistake! After refilling my printer failed & I had to buy a new printer. Instead of saving I lost money.

- David Dickhudt