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Software Licensing Moves to the Cloud

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Hybrid IT environment

HPE Software Licensing Advisory Services for Cloud (SLAS4C) addresses the complexity of software licensing in a hybrid IT environment. Clients can use HPE's extensive multivendor software licensing expertise and solutions to understand and address the licensing implications of implementing and using cloud based applications.

This advisory service helps clients evaluate and compare their licensing options when planning a move from on-premise software to off-premise/cloud/hybrid solutions, paying particular attention to key topics such as software licensing use rights, cost optimization, and vendor terms and conditions; including contract analysis.


Gartner projects that nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017.

You may already be considering a move to Cloud for core services and platforms and will need expert advice on the opportunities and implications. This is an ideal time to start the conversation on moving to the Cloud.

Problem Solving

The consumption of cloud-based computing services presents a paradigm shift from traditional IT procurement, and brings with it a unique set of risks and challenges resulting from the lack of real knowledge of the contractual and licensing implications when moving to the cloud.

  • You need expert advice and guidance to understand your software licensing options when moving between on-premise and off-premise/cloud/hybrid software solutions, including clarity on your current licensing investment, and guidance on how this can be optimized.
  • Many clients are incurring unnecessary expense on new cloud licenses and services as they lack an understanding of the mobility rights of their existing software investment.
  • There is a common misconception that you are locked into cloud with limited or no options for return to on-premise, due to vendor terms and conditions.
  • You may be uncertain about tracking and managing license compliance in a cloud/hybrid environment.
  • Some clients may not fully appreciate the level of investment required to move to the cloud, especially over the full software licensing agreement lifecycle of a 3 to 6 year period. Variance and complexity in cloud licensing models and procurement options can lead to hidden costs. Unknown costs can have a significant impact on your organization.

Main benefits of HPE SLAS4C

  • Provides expert software licensing guidance to help you develop effective strategies for adopting and implementing Cloud based services. It enables you to leverage your current licensing investment when moving to the Cloud.
  • Empowers you to evaluate your licensing options and utilize fully the existing mobility rights in your current license estate. It enables you to develop a strategic view, at organizational level, of the longer term licensing implications of moving to the Cloud.
  • Identifies and proactively addresses hidden costs in moving existing licenses to the cloud, presents clarity around mobility rights, and licensing needs for virtualized environments.
  • Provides expertise and guidance when contracting with vendors for Cloud licensing agreements, and appropriately addresses the importance of negotiating the right software contract to fit your specific requirements.

Unique Value

Today’s hybrid environment of traditional, cloud and mobile solutions only increases the challenges of managing and optimizing a software portfolio. You need a partner with a comprehensive portfolio of services for Cloud to meet your evolving needs. Your partner must have the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with timely and appropriate licensing advice.

HPE SLAS4C is delivered by an accredited team of experts, who leverage the capabilities and analytic experience gained through HPE SLMS’s more than 20 years' experience as a globally-accredited software licensing reseller and Software Asset Management Partner.

Many cloud-based solutions also use virtualization technology. HPE SLAS4C experts can advise on the licensing implications of the underlying infrastructure required to support cloud, including solutions from key global vendors such as Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. This comprehensive approach to the 'layered' cloud solution means you get the 'whole story' from one partner, not just disparate fragments of advice. Multivendor hosting models and volume licensing programs are reviewed and analyzed for product licensing optimization. Software Assurance investment and ROI expectations are confirmed, even with multi-geographical contracts.

A robust negotiating strategy is delineated and supported.

Service Availability

HPE SLAS4C is available today to clients in all regions.

Get in contact with the HPE SLAS4C Team at: slmscloudlicensing@hpe.com

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