HP 1 Year Wolf  Protect and Trace Service E-LTU (U04PCAAE)

The most secure service solution to find, lock, and erase data from all of your premium HP devices, ensuring that your sensitive information is protected.

HP Protect and Trace is the most secure solution on the market that uses Threshold Cryptography, a gold standard in data encryption that hands the power back to the IT Administrator.

Through HP TechPulse's simplified user dashboard, customers can view all of their devices and statuses on one user-friendly dashboard. HP Protect and Trace puts you in control of your data, allowing you to respond faster.

HP Protect and Trace is powered by HP TechPulse, a persistent application running in the background that aggregates all telemetry data. This data is displayed via an all encompassing and easy-to-use user dashboard.

Have peace of mind knowing your data is safe, while saving time and money. Customers on average are losing $50,000 per device not including the loss received through a breach of personal data, credentials and/or sensitive IP.

With HP Protect and Trace, your ITDMs can reduce cost and worry by having a comprehensive way to find, lock, and erase all devices that might be either missing or stolen, while at the same time protecting sensitive data. Protect and Trace also provides persistency to applications that are deemed critical, removing the cost and worry that comes with user error or theft.