HP Z2 Tower G9 Workstation (5F0D6EA)

HP Z2 Tower G9 Workstation (5F0D6EA): Kõik funktsioonid
Windows 11 Work anywhere without compromising on performance or security with Windows 11 powered by HP's collaboration and connectivity technology.
Intel® Core™ i9 processor Get high-end performance for intensive tasks like rendering and video editing with the Intel® Core™ i9 processor.
Smaller, Functional Design The stunning new design features front and rear ledges, so you can easily move your system from location to location.
Tool-less Access Evolve your work. Evolve your rig. With a tool-less sliding access cover, you can easily get into the the interior, and customize your Z to fit your needs.
Thermal Management Innovatively designed to keep hardware components cool and quiet no matter how hard you push it. Have confidence to run your system at max load 24/7.
Unthrottled Performance Z's industry-leading thermals keep the processor and graphics card cool, so they can run at max performance for extended periods of time.
Dust Filter Help keep your system clean while sitting on the factory floor or machining environment with the front-access dust filter.
Sanitizable Designed to be wiped down using many commonly available household disinfecting and cleaning wipes using the HP cleaning guidelines.