Professional graphics solutions for HP Workstations

HP is proud to exclusively offer professional graphics choices on all of our HP Workstations – from the ZBook 14 to the HP Z820.

HP’s professional graphics line-up is perfect for users who are running business critical applications based on OpenGL and DirectX® who require stability, reliability, great performance, additional support, and application-specific features and optimization for things like complex design modeling, dataset manipulation, visual effects and visualization.

nvidea quadro videocards

HP quality built in

HP works closely with our graphics vendors to ensure the highest level of quality on both hardware and software. HP rigorously tests all professional graphics solutions to ensure peak performance, low acoustic properties, and excellent power and thermal management in our workstations.

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GPU computing options

Graphics processing units (GPUs) can be added to your HP Workstation as an extension of your computing capabilities. HP Workstations offer a variety of GPU computing options designed to efficiently blaze through highly parallel computing problems that traditional CPUs are not optimized to handle.

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Choice of professional graphics vendors

HP offers a rich palette of professional level graphics options from AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA as configurable items on our workstations. In addition, we offer a variety of tested and certified cards – solutions that you may purchase separately from an independent hardware vendor, but are guaranteed by that vendor to work on your system.

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Application certification

Independent software vendors (ISVs) also participate in the process of ensuring professional graphics solutions offered by HP are optimized for a workstation environment. These ISV’s work directly with HP and the graphics providers, running tests to certify that the complete HP workstation solution works seamlessly with their application software.