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HP and Junior Achievement Empower Students Across the Globe to Better Compete in 21st Century Workforce

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- HPandJunior Achievement, the world’s largest organization dedicatedtoinspiring and preparing young people to succeed in aglobaleconomy, today announced the winner of the first SocialInnovationRelay, a global competition where teams of students from11participating countries designed projects that could haveasignificant positive social impact.

Students who participatedinthis interactive, web-based competition were coached throughoutbyHP employee mentors to think like innovators while developingskillsthat will help them grow into globally minded, sociallyresponsibleentrepreneurs.

A team of highschoolstudents from Nizhnekamsk, Russia, took home the global titleforFortuna, a simple and sustainable business concept designedtoencourage citizens to manufacture and sell products createdfromrecyclable waste materials, potentially driving profit andalsoreducing landfill.

To expand theproject’sreach and impact, the students integrated into theirprojectactivities such as trainings, awareness events andgrassrootscampaigns designed to encourage recycling and share bestpracticesin sustainability. In terms of scale, the project wouldfirst berolled out within the local community, and thendisseminated to awider, global audience via web-based activities.Indeed, many ofthe finalists integrated an information andcommunicationstechnology (ICT) component into their projectdesigns.

HP andJuniorAchievement

HP and JuniorAchievementhave partnered for 20 years on youth-focused programs,enablingthousands of students to receive real-world skills andhands-ontraining that focus on entrepreneurship and ICT byparticipating inprograms such as the Social Innovation Relay.

HP plays an active roleinthese programs and goes beyond traditional corporate sponsorshipbynot only donating funds and equipment, but also tapping intoitsvast technology expertise and mobilizing members of its morethan300,000-employee workforce to participate via mentoringandvolunteering.


The following is a listofwinning projects from the 11 participating countries:

  • Brazil – a system of bracelets and sensors to helpvisuallyimpaired people increase their mobility and safely movethroughurban settings.
  • Bulgaria – a plan for a greenhouse that will growplantsspecifically for clearing the air of noxious substances andhelpingto ensure clean drinking water for the planet.
  • China – a nonprofit global organization that connectscompaniesand private donors with people in need, for bothcharitable andeducational purposes.
  • India – a plan to eradicate illiteracy and poverty byprovidingeducational services to low-income children with the helpofstudents, the unemployed, governments and corporations.
  • Kenya – an educational curriculum aimed at empoweringlocalcommunities to change their attitudes toward education,promotesocial cohesion and spur economic activity.
  • Romania – a storage, administration and communicationssystemdesigned to achieve regional and global food supply balancebyoffsetting deficits and redirecting surplus food.
  • Russia – an initiative focusing on processing and sellingwastematerials that also educates businesses on sustainabilityandrecycling best practices.
  • Slovakia – a website that helps to educate, empower andconnectyouth across the world to address global issues thatdirectlyaffect them.
  • South Africa – a concept for combating climate changeandreducing unemployment by generating electricity usingcarbondioxide produced in local factories.
  • United Kingdom – a sustainability club that rewards pointstomembers for purchasing or using approved environmentallyfriendlyproducts or services, with an accompanying website wherememberscan redeem points for eco-gifts.
  • United States – a website that matches would-be volunteerswithlocal organizations that fit their personal interests.


“Programs such as theSocialInnovation Relay equip students with crucial skills theyneed tosucceed in school and beyond, ensuring that in the years tocomethere will be a crop of entrepreneurs looking to develop thenextbig idea with positive social impact. Participating in thisprogramgives HP a chance to tap into our most vital resource – ourpeople –and help drive social innovation forward.”

  • Jeannette Weisschuh, director, Global Education Programs,Officeof Global Social Innovation, HP

“The HP mentorswhoparticipated and the HP technology used in the competition werekeyin making the Social Innovation Relay a success. Thisyear’swinners demonstrated real out-of-the-box, original thinkinginconceiving and developing their projects, and I wouldn’tbesurprised if some end up being implemented.”

  • Caroline Jenner, chief executive officer, JuniorAchievementYoung Enterprise (JA-YE Europe)

“Participation in theSocialInnovation Relay taught us communication and businessskills, andalso made us more confident working in teams. Throughthis program,we learned that business can and should have apositive impact onsociety and the environment. It was great beingable to come up withnew ideas, designs and technologies that couldaddress environmentalchallenges and improve our quality oflife.”

  • Andrei Kubyshkin, student and captain of winning teamfromNizhnekamsk, Russia


More information aboutHP’swork in social innovation to support social entrepreneurshipisavailable at HP’s Office of Global Social Innovation website.

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