Reference Check

Background Verification:

It has been enhanced the current verification process of our former employees from the manual system of phone calls, emails/fax verifications to make the external website on an online centralized repository which can be accessed by users for verification purposes.

Please provide below information (English only):

NOT available for Contingent workers / contractors/Active Employee


The resolution will be sent in 3 working days. If you have any un-satisfaction on this, please email to with subject: Attention Required

Other HR Queries

Please be noticed that the request for Employment Verification/ Salary Verification/ Make up labor contract/ Makeup Termination Letter/ Last reporting manager contact way to verify working content are not available.

请注意:以背景调查为目的所需开具的工作证明、薪资证明、经理联系方式等信息无法提供。离职证明及劳动合同无法重复开具。背景调查需求,请参考以上Reference Check页面获得帮助。

If you still have other query, please provide below information:

NOT available for Contingent workers / contractors