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Reimbursement for terminated employees

Terminated employees have to make sure that all expense reports have been filed and reimbursed before they leave the company. HP will block all the data in EEM system after employee leave the company, and employee’s access to EEM will be restricted at the same time. Only cell phone bills can be reimbursed after they leave.

Manager is granted the access to EEM of the terminated employee and is able to create and submit the report on behalf of the employee. Please indicate it is resigned employee’s mobile fee in Business Purpose field when manager submits the EEM report. After report submission the approval goes to the next level manager within the terminated employee management chain. The direct access to work on behalf of the employee is granted temporarily and expires after 45 calendar days. Manager should print out the EEM report, and post the signed ER with the accompanying receipts to the processing center.

Please refer to the process document on how to create and submit reports in EEM on behalf of employee.

Process Document (PDF 1,22 MB)





Peony Express Card & Great Wall Business Card.

Employee who applies for Business Card during the position can have annual fee exemption. The discount offer will lapse automatically from the date of employee leaving. Please help to go to cancel the account on your own initiative. Any charge generated by account that is not cancelled in time, the fee will be undertaken by employee yourself. If employee wants to continue to hold the card, please contact Bank and negotiate with them.

ICBC service Tel:  95588

BOC service Tel:  95566

Employee Reimbursement FAQ

Q: Can my EEM be processed after resigned?

A: Yes. If your bank account is valid, the expense reimbursement you submitted before your terminated date will be processed normally.

Q: What is my EEM status now?

A: Please email to: directly. Or contact your manager and ask her/him for help.

Q: If I have some business purpose expense happened before my resign, can I submit them? And how should employees submit the report?

A: Yes, you can. If you has terminated, your manager has 45 calendar days to work on behalf of you to submit expense as per policy. For example, your terminated date is 01-Jan-2013, your manager can work on behalf of you to submit report in EEM system before 14-Feb-2013. The following is the steps to submit expense report:

a. Click here ( PDF 4,19 MB Employee Expense Management 5.0 User Guide → 7.2 Working on behalf of … ) to find the SOP of work on behalf of employee. Please print out the ER report after it is submitted;

b. Attach the receipt to the termination expense request form and ER report, and post them to ER team.

If manager miss 45 calendar days and forget to submit the ER report in EEM, please Click here
( PDF 171 KB ) to download the termination expense request form and fill in it. All required receipts attached, reviewed and signed, as appropriate by the employee's direct manager, post ER form and all the receipts to Dalian ER team.

If there is any query, please contact to ask for help