HP Installation Services

Professional in-home computer and wireless network installation

HP Installation Services

Get your computer & network set up fast!

When you’re ready for a new HP computer, leave it to the experts to do the setup work for you. Or, if you want to enjoy the freedom of a wireless home network, the place to start is right here. An HP representative can come to your home as early as the next business day to get you up and running. All you have to do is call HP for an appointment.

Call 866-234-1377 or click below to purchase your HP installation service plan today.

  HP PC Setup and Installation Service HP Wireless Network Installation Service HP PC Setup and Wireless Network Installation Service with Data Transfer
Features Basic Advanced Basic Advanced Premium
Computer and monitor setup    
Print setup1        
Startup optimization  
Installation of licensed security software      
Security software check/software registration and update scheduling    
Connection up to 2 peripheral devices        
Connection up to 2 wireless devices        
Connection up to 3 wireless devices        
Creation of printer-sharing network      
Router connection and mapping of network settings    
Setup of secure encryption with Windows- and router-provided firewall    
Arrangement of file sharing for photos, data and music      
Digital transfer up to 4.7GB of data to new PC        
Outlook set up to access pre-existing e-mail account        
Connection of up to 2 PCs and 1 printer server or game console to wireless network        
Running of startup routings        
10-minute tour of desktop options    
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1Printer setup also available with HP PC Setup and Installation Service if printer is selected as one of the peripherals to be installed.

2Requires existing subscription from ISP.

Services described above are subject to change at any time.