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How HP is Driving Sustainable Tech in Canada

How HP is Driving Sustainable Tech in Canada

HP sustainability initiatives have helped make the company an industry leader in Canada, with a variety of programs geared toward building awareness and reducing carbon footprints. Those include volunteer initiatives and special projects, along with key collaborations with organisations like the World Wildlife Fund and Learning for a Sustainable Future.

The drive for sustainability is an increasingly important part of all our lives. We can all make an impact through monitoring and mitigation, and holistic approaches are providing new, sustainable tech for consumers and more environmentally-friendly supply chains. In this article, we’ll show you how HP is working to achieve greater sustainability in Canada.

HP recognised as one of Canada’s greenest employers

HP has taken a comprehensive approach to sustainability not just in Canada but across the globe, and included a number of early steps to promote systemic change in all industries. In 2003, HP endowed a Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility at Schulich School of Business, currently held by respected author and teacher Dirk Matten.

In 2019, HP became the first tech company in the world to disclose a full carbon footprint, including Scope 3 emissions – all verified by an independent audit. Over the years, we’ve earned widespread recognition in the world of sustainable tech and beyond, with a growing list of achievements tied to responsible development.

In 2020, HP was featured for the 13th year in a row as one of Canada's greenest employers. We’ve been recognised each year since the list’s inception, and this year we’re the only PC vendor featured. According to the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project, winners “lead the nation in creating a culture of environmental awareness in their organisations.”

Corporate Knights recognition

HP was also recognised by Corporate Knights. First in their 2020 Global 100 issue, which indexes the 100 most sustainable corporations in the world. Then, it was for our share of clean revenue, ranking 5th on the Clean 200 list. That’s in addition to a clean sweep in the CDP’s (Carbon Disclosure Project) latest rankings, as we’re 1 of only 5 companies worldwide to receive an A-grade in the 4 available categories: climate, water, forests, and supplier.

For more information about global sustainability initiatives at HP, check out the full 2019 Sustainable Impact Report. You can also check out HP’s Head of Sustainable Impact, Frances Edmonds, talking about sustainable procurement and the idea of a circular economy business model in her great TEDx Talk.

Long-term partnership with the World Wildlife Fund

Known globally as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the WWF and World Wildlife Fund Canada support a variety of goals centered on the environment. Their work in Canada focuses on protection for threatened species: from narwhals to monarch butterflies, preserving habitats and water access, and addressing the threat of climate change.

The WWF also has a long track record in Canada. According to their website; “Founded in 1967, World Wildlife Fund Canada is the country’s largest international conservation organisation, with the active support of hundreds of thousands of Canadians. WWF-Canada is part of the WWF global network, working in 100 countries worldwide.”

With more than 9 million square kilometers of land in Canada – one of the largest countries on earth by any measure – they have a lot to look after. That’s why HP and WWF-Canada have partnered for more than a decade as a way to support collective sustainability initiatives while providing individual consumers with more resources and sustainable tech.

WWF-Canada Living Planet @ Work

Based on the web and free for users,WWF-Canada Living Planet @ Work is designed to help businesses and offices improve their sustainability practices. It provides resources and ideas in a variety of categories through a library of actions that can help both individuals and offices reduce their footprints.

You’ll find six impact areas to explore, including tips for sustainable sourcing and more environmentally friendly travel practices. They also offer opportunities for businesses to partner on specific projects and conservation efforts, so get in touch if you’d like to start building a greener office.

WWF-Canada Living Planet @ Campus

With a focus on educational environments, WWF-Canada Living Planet @ Campus offers an even more diverse sustainability toolkit for students heading to university. In addition to providing resources and a similar library of campus actions, students can train for Living Planet Leader certification to showcase their sustainability experience for future employers.

For educators who want to provide additional resources for their students, WWF-Canada Living Planet @ Campus is an active collaborator. Through local partnerships, the @ Campus organisation helps engage students with sustainability projects and prepare for careers with green impact in mind. Find out more and apply to become an official Campus Partner at their website.

Developed sustainability curriculum database with LSF

Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) is a Canadian non-profit founded in 1991, which is focused on promoting “through education, the knowledge, skills, values, perspectives, and practices essential to a sustainable future.” They support teachers and students in the classroom, collaborating with professionals and partner institutions to impact policy and higher education.

Thanks to a group of founding partners that includes HP, LSF maintains the Resources 4 Rethinking (R4R) library, which is a massive database of peer-reviewed classroom resources. As part of that collaboration, HP also supports focusing R4R resources on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a series of comprehensive benchmarks mapped out to promote sustainable growth.

Sustainability and green initiatives at corporate offices

HP Canada’s corporate headquarters were built in 1993 near the protected Etobicoke Creek ravine with the goal of preserving the surrounding environment. Those efforts have led to recognition from Credit Valley Conservation (CVC), which advocates for the Credit River Watershed.

As an acknowledgement of our efforts, HP Canada received CVC’s Greening Corporate Grounds designation. One such recent project included replanting trees that fell victim to the invasive and highly destructive emerald ash borer, accomplished in part with support from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

Community-based initiatives

In addition to direct sustainability efforts, HP leverages its resources to support community projects. It takes a variety of forms with HP partners involved in a number of roles, but here are some of the longest-running and most impactful programs.

1. Paid volunteer hours for employees each month

As one of our biggest permanent initiatives, HP hosts a long-running paid volunteer hour program that rewards employees for their conservation efforts outside of the workplace. It includes 4 hours of paid volunteer time each month, as well as donation credits. Employees can use those credits to contribute to charities of their choice, with HP matching contributions up to $2,500 US.

2. Cartridge recovery program with the Mira Foundation

Print technology and supplies make up a large share of HP’s global business, which provides some unique opportunities to support smaller organisations. HP provides comprehensive cartridge recycling support, with a variety of ways for consumers to safely dispose of their used hardware.

The non-profit Mira Foundation provides free service and guide dogs to people living with visual impairments and physical disabilities and to youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). To help offset the high costs associated with training and support, HP raises funds through our closed-loop recycling program. That means you can support Mira’s important work just by recycling your spent printer cartridges.

3. Official technology partner of ComKids

HP is the official technology partner of non-profit ComKids,which was founded to help close the tech gap for students from underserved communities. Each year, HP provides a new laptop to nominated Grade 7 students, with an extra-long 3-year warranty. Students also participate in teacher-led support sessions to make sure they’re able to get the most out of their new device.

Highlights from HP Sustainability Buyer’s Guide

A big part of HP’s sustainability impact comes from our products. A huge share of the products in the HP Store feature ENERGY STAR® certification and Bronze, Silver, or Gold ratings from EPEAT®. According to EPEAT standard, HP offers the most sustainable PC portfolio available.

If you’re focused on reducing your energy footprint and environmental impact, the HP sustainability buyer’s guide is a great way to narrow your search. It provides a strong cross-section of standout options, some of which we’ll showcase here.

1. Printers

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 All-in-One printer is a great example of an efficient and powerful product that has both ENERGY STAR certification and an EPEAT Silver rating. It’s full-featured and fast, and it supports both HP Instant Ink and high-yield cartridges (which we’ll cover in more detail below).

The HP Tango also features ENERGY STAR certification and an EPEAT Silver rating, with a slimmer build designed to take up minimal space and work easily via your smartphone. It also has a smaller footprint in manufacturing, with 30% recycled content by weight of plastic.

2. Monitors and PCs

The HP EliteDisplay E273d USB-C docking monitor is the world’s first display built with ocean-bound plastics, so it leads the way as an environmentally friendly companion to your choice of desktop. It’s designed to function as a workspace hub for other devices, which means it can even power your PC through USB-C, and it’s ENERGY STAR certified.

For a deep selection of sustainable notebooks, the HP ENVY laptop line offers superior energy efficiency and a huge variety of configurations. Available with either a 13-inch or 17-inch diagonal display, HP ENVY laptops are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, cut your power costs, and get more from your battery.

3. Ink & toner

Browse our Ink & Toner section to find an overview of ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on print supplies. You’ll find HP Original Ink and high-capacity XL cartridges, as well as our subscription ink program, HP Instant Ink.

When you use an HP Instant Ink compatible printer, your device automatically detects ink levels and a replacement is shipped to you before your old cartridge runs out. Low-volume users pay as little as $1.25 each month, with massive savings for frequent color print users since you only pay for each printed page, regardless of whether it’s black or color ink.

4. Recycling portal

The last tab in the HP sustainability buyer’s guide is recycling, with a breakdown of consumer recycling options for cartridges, old hardware, and business clients. Supplies recycling is free, and you can also recycle your hardware at select drop-off locations.


HP’s sustainability efforts have made an impact in Canada and around the world thanks to a longstanding commitment and holistic approach to the cause. Our projects include comprehensive product recycling, grassroots collaborations with like-minded organisations, and sustainable development. It’s part of HP’s promise to create a greener, more sustainable future.

About the Author: Dwight Pavlovic is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. Dwight is a music and technology writer based out of West Virginia.


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