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HP LaserJet PRO: New Levels of Productivity for Small Business

HP LaserJet PRO: New Levels of Productivity for Small Business

For small business owners, printing demands can be sporadic and havingt a printer that is able to deliver at a moment’s notice is vital. An all-in-one printer that has enough speed, functionality, text quality, and output to keep business running smoothly.

To help meet those demands, the HP LaserJet Pro series of printers was developed with businesses in mind. These are the best laser printers for small businesses for several reasons, including their multifunctional builds and ability to produce vivid and crisp color graphics.

What’s new with LaserJet Pro?

The biggest draw to these multifunction printers (MFP) is that the latest versions comes with HP+, HP Instant Ink & Toner, and HP Wolf Security. These additional features are also on top of the performance enhancements that newer versions have.


HP+ is a free service that makes your printer smarter with advanced features, automatic updates, higher security standards and much more. The biggest draw for printers that have HP+ enabled is the ability to print on the go.

By connecting your printer to your phone, you can access cloud-based printing at no additional cost. All that’s required for this perk is an HP account and an internet connection.

In addition to a lifetime of cloud-based printing, your HP all-in-one laser printer will come with:

  • An extended printer warranty upwards of six months
  • Six months of HP Instant Ink
  • Forest First printing and cartridge recycling
  • Advanced HP Smart app features that further enhance printing capabilities

These additions are designed to improve the printer’s security and efficiency. Some of these smart features include protecting your print jobs while you’re at home or remote, and reallocating your printer’s resources to save you money and energy. These aspects are crucial to small businesses and can provide long-term savings on ink cartridges (free for six months and six more months of saving 50% on cartridges) and printer repairs.

HP Instant Ink & Toner

On top of sending ink cartridges for the first six months for free, each HP LaserJet Pro purchase is compatible with HP Instant Ink. This feature is designed as a comprehensive solution to potential printing problems.

The biggest complication for printing is running out of ink and toner part way through a printing job. HP Instant Ink solves that issue by ensuring ink and toner levels remain topped off. Printers with this feature automatically monitor the levels of ink and toner left. Before those levels get too low, the printer has a replacement ink cartridge sent to you. You’ll also receive pre-paid shipping materials so you can return empty cartridges. Instant Ink removes a lot of steps that business owners previously had to make; constantly checking ink levels, shopping for refills or replacements, and finding a proper way to recycle cartridges.

After the six months of HP Instant Ink are up, you’ll be automatically moved to a subscription based pricing plan. This pricing plan is incredibly flexible and is based on how many pages your business prints every month, rather than how much ink is used. What this means is black-and-white prints cost the same as coloured prints, allowing users to save more through printing in colour. Furthermore, if you don’t use the allotted pages over the course of the month, those unused pages roll over into the next month (with limits). There is incredible flexibility with these plans, allowing you to never worry about ink and toner refills ever again.

HP Wolf Security

Finally, each LaserJet Pro printer is equipped with significantly higher security than before. HP+ already enhances security, but HP Wolf Security levels up that protection with robust endpoint protection.

Endpoints are one of the most vulnerable areas of printers, as they are the main points for cyber attacks. Protecting these points is HP’s upmost security concern and this feature creates a strong foundation. It does this through reducing addressable attack surfaces, enabling remote recovery from firmware attacks, and in-memory breach protection. As a result, any HP laser printer with HP Wolf Security is able to contain any threats, fortify the first line of defense and self-heal from cyber attacks.

All of this is crucial for businesses, as cyber attacks can happen at any moment. With LaserJet Pro printers, security features are working around the clock. These systems will remain vigilant throughout the day to handle any security theat so that you don’t have to.

Any weak link in cybersecurity infrastructure is an area in which hackers can exploit. This feature alone makes HP Laserjet Pro printers the best laser printers for small businesses for many users.

What else is the LaserJet Pro capable of?

hp laserjet pro

As an all-in-one printer, the HP LaserJet Pro is capable of copying, scanning, faxing, and printing with incredible reliability. Each printer from the LaserJet Pro printer line is designed to maximize productivity while providing convenient features to make the process more seamless.

As mentioned, the access to HP+ allows for remote printing, however there are features that allow you to:

  • Scan a copy and email it immediately
  • Duplex print
  • Connect up to 5 users at a time to a single printer

In addition, the setup is easy and smooth. Each printer comes with a simple instruction manual that puts you through the setup steps. Once set up, the configuration and product registration is a seamless process as well.

You also have access to a strong printing speed. Printing is quick and efficient with average printing speeds of 28 pages per minute. The toner is also long-lasting toner as it can handle roughly 30,000 pages before needing a replacement. This allows businesses to print for a very long time without having to need replacements.

You also won’t have to deal with the printer making much sound either. And naturally, you can enjoy high quality images for prints and scans, fitting for when you need to show off diagrams or other important documents where clarity is crucial.


Looking for the best laser printers for your small business? The HP LaserJet Pro series offers a lot in terms of performance and goes beyond that: 

Through HP+, you have higher security, more quality of life functionality, and can boost your printing productivity. With HP Instant Ink & Toner, you save yourself time and money from having to deal with the most prominent problem that printers run into. Finally with HP Wolf Security, any possible security threats directed towards your printer will already be dealt with and contained without you knowing or worrying about it.

Combined with improvements in printer performance and you can see why this series commands the spot for one of the best laser printers for small businesses.


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