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HP Business Club Program: How It Helps Canadian Businesses

HP Business Club Program: How It Helps Canadian Businesses

Small to medium-sized businesses are the heart of the Canadian economy. The Canadian government estimates that 97.9% of the country’s businesses are small businesses, defined as employing between 1 and 99 people. These small businesses impact employment, goods, and services in a significant way across the nation. It's essential for them to thrive, especially in these trying times, so the country can thrive as well. Could one way forward be through better tech purchasing?

Here's how the HP Business Club program can offer financial and performance benefits for these companies and why it's worth considering this free club for your teams.

What is the HP Business Club program?

The HP Business Club is a free membership for small and medium-sized Canadian businesses to get access, advice, and financing for business technology solutions. It's a full-life-cycle program designed to help with everything tech-related including purchasing decisions, equipment upgrades, and tech disposal.

In addition to helping businesses find the right tech solutions for their unique needs, the program gives exclusive promotional offers and service plans, plus an assortment of financing options for those who qualify.

Buying any new tech can be confusing, costly, and time-consuming. In fact, it's common for SME decision-makers to put off investing in new tech, not just because of price but because of hassle or uncertainty. The HP Business Club seeks to relieve some of these barriers to upgrading to the latest and greatest tech.

What does the HP Business Club offer?

The program has a wide range of support and purchase benefits. Some of the most notable include:

  • Exclusive discounts: Members will get deals on business tech, including computers, printers, and accessories. This savings is up to 30% off what's offered to the public, and new members get an additional 10% discount upon joining.
  • Dedicated team of SMB account managers: Skip the line and get direct advice, buying tips, and help with placing orders. This team of professionals is well-versed in the challenges of today’s businesses and will recommend the right tech for your needs.
  • Early notification of new products and solutions: Get the first look at new tech and be able to buy before anyone else. As a member, you can see what the future holds and plan ahead for new tech offerings.
  • Promotional offers: Members receive new discounts all the time.
  • Financing tools: With 0% financing and product buys starting at $5,000, even the smallest companies can get the newest computers, printers, and laptops without paying a lot upfront.

Benefits to small businesses

The perks of this free membership are straightforward, and any business in Canada can take advantage of them right away. How would your company use these benefits? Some of the things today’s Canadian small businesses are experiencing as part of the HP Business Club include the following.

1. Flexible financing

Many businesses are in the difficult position of deciding how to meet their budgets, especially in light of recent economic challenges. Fortunately, tech isn't something you have to delay because HP gives companies a range of financing options for their unique cashflow goals.

In addition to the previously mentioned 0% financing, some companies prefer to lease all of their equipment. This allows you to get equipment in the door right away, with the ability to trade up to the most up-to-date devices when existing tech no longer meets your needs. And those companies that buy may qualify for net 30 payment terms.


2. DaaS options

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) is increasingly popular among businesses that depend on the most relevant tech. When you purchase your laptops, desktops, and printers through a DaaS plan, you’re getting more than the equipment. You’ll also enjoy upgraded tech support and ongoing expertise from reps who really know the tech they are servicing. With a single price for the service and equipment, it’s also simpler for budgeting and financing purposes.

3. Simplified volume purchasing

Buying a pair of new laptops may not seem like a big deal, but what if you have to buy 20? With remote work becoming the norm in many industries, buying new mobile-friendly workstations and laptops seems more important than ever. Volume tech purchases don’t have to be a nightmare. HP Business Club customer service reps are happy to do the heavy lifting, whatever your idea of “volume” is.

4. Competitive “large deal” pricing

When you’re making a large purchase, why not save some extra cash? If you make a bigger purchase, you’ll likely get access to exclusive club pricing that’s much more competitive than if you were buying devices piece-by-piece. These deals vary by model and purchase amount, but it’s another reason to upgrade more tech at one time.

From outfitting your remote teams with the right Zoom-ready laptop to placing more laser printers into home offices, you’ll actually save by getting your much-needed shopping out of the way.

5. Exclusive discounts not available to the public

Coupon and deal sites are great for the average consumer, and HP offers discounts and deals quite often. With access to the HP Business Club, however, you'll get even more discounts, many of which aren't available to anyone outside of the Club. If you need just one reason to join the free service, what’s better than the latest, exclusive deals delivered right to your inbox?

6. More IT resources

Instead of relying on your internal information technology (IT) teams to stay informed of the new HP trends and incorporate them quickly when they happen, you can outsource it through the HP Business Club offerings. It’s already difficult to staff an IT department well, and most teams have better things to do than shop around.

HP’s own tech teams are well acquainted with small business IT solutions, which means they know the needs, understand the wants, and can free your already-taxed teams from additional work.



7. Flexible solutions for diverse teams

We recommend against the one-size-fits-all PC purchase plan. Your employees are unique and have very different productivity styles. Even if you do have to get 100 laptops of the same model, HP reps can help you get the most versatile model for your budget. With laptops that fold into tablets for Zoom calls and boast full-size keyboards for easy number-crunching, you can easily shift gears and delight your teams with the technology trends that help them survive this new era. The same goes for printers, monitors, and accessories.

If you find yourself in rapid growth mode, the same flexible perks apply. Equipping a new office or remote location is much easier when you can order and ship directly to your employees. HP’s team has you covered.

8. Mix-and-match friendly

With your membership, you can order 12 different laptops and know that discounts still apply. But, if you don’t have to get everyone the same kind of machine, there are solutions ready to give each employee exactly what they need for their personal work style. Pricing gets better as you buy, whether it's for 10 of the same laptop or one of each kind. This is one of the best-loved perks of the membership – you can shop like a small business and enjoy the privileges of a big business.

Who is the HP Business Club best for?

Due to the breadth of the offers, discounts, payment options, and available expert advice, the program is well-suited to small and medium businesses looking to outfit their teams with remote work equipment and other relevant technology services.

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, consider signing up today:

  1. Do I enjoy discounts?
  2. Am I reluctant to buy new tech due to a lack of interest, understanding, or time?
  3. Is there an expansion or a move to remote in the near future?
  4. Would financing options help my budget?
  5. Do I enjoy having everything from hardware to software to printer ink handled by one team or service?
  6. Do my IT teams need a break?

How to sign up for the program

Are you ready to begin? Just use the form in the signup link to enter your information and claim your free account. You'll receive more information about your benefits, including a conversation with an HP rep if you’d like.

Business managers can log in at any time for help after registration and enjoy personalized, responsive support services for any tech questions or purchasing needs. You’ll also be on the list for news and offers as they’re available, including access to those laptops, monitors, and printers your peers haven’t even heard of yet.

Small business technology can be overwhelming. Luckily, there’s a whole club to come to your aid. Whether you’re in the “just curious” stage of learning about tech or you’ve been ready to buy for some time, the quick and free HP Business Club membership application is your next best step.

About the Author: Linsey Knerl is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. Linsey is a Midwest-based author, public speaker, and member of the ASJA. She has a passion for helping consumers and small business owners do more with their resources via the latest tech solutions.


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