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HP 0% Small Business Financing - Why Your Business Needs This Today

HP 0% Small Business Financing - Why Your Business Needs This Today

In today's business climate, you need HP 0% small business financing more than ever. Let's break down why, so you can make the best financing decisions for your small business.

Tech and cash flow management

Outdated tech can throw your business into the breakdown lane. But waiting for the cash flow to free up to make upgrades and key purchases can leave your business struggling. With HP's 0% small business financing in Canada, you can get the tech you need to boost your earning muscle with zero up-front cost.

Old laptops, desktops, and printers run more slowly, freeze more often, and increase maintenance costs and downtime. They also expose your team and clients to greater security risk, while ageing screens can strain employees' eyes. But with today's Canada computer financing from HP®, there's no need to choose between liquidity and risk.

1. HP small business financing saves you from outdated tech


Old laptops and PCs can scuttle productivity as employees wait for pages and apps to load and process. IT experts recommend updating PCs and laptops every 3 years, and internet connections even more often. Tech moves fast, and 4-year-old machines can leave your team feeling like they're working in the slow lane.

With HP's 0% small business financing, your Canadian company can get a 0% lease rate with a 36-month term. Eligible equipment includes HP notebooks, displays, desktops, and printers. Your new tech can save money and time, speeding up your staff while preserving cash for other business needs.

Turn IT into a monthly service

Upgrading tech shouldn't be a headache. HP's PC and laptop financing in Canada is more than just pushing costs into the future. It's more like “IT as a service” (IaaS) that gives your small business best-in-class hardware every day for a simple monthly fee. There's no ageing curve, because all of your tech is constantly updated.

New tech means improved speed across load times, internet connections, and apps, as well as access to breakthroughs like notebooks based on the Intel® Evo™ platform. That's Intel's new standard for laptops with instant wake, up to 2.7-times faster photo editing, and WiFi 6 connectivity.

Looking for the best HP business desktops to suit your growing firm's needs? Look no further than popular models like the HP Pavilion series, HP ENVY all-in-ones, and other fan-favourite HP desktops.

2. Equip your team for success

Today's remote workforce needs remote-ready tech. At-home work increased dramatically during 2020, and it's expected to stay strong going forward. But that kind of telecommuting switch wouldn't have been possible without recent advances in connectivity and hardware.

The problem is that too many employees are handling those modern workflows with yesterday's technology. With 0% small business financing in Canada from HP, your team can own the latest HP notebooks, desktops, displays, and printers now. Better still, those machines will “never age” since they're swapped out on a schedule.

Get the best machines for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more

The HP Spectre x360 15, HP Spectre x360 13, and HP ENVY 13 are ranked among the best laptops for remote work by independent reviewers. The HP EliteBook x360 1000 series is impeccable for remote workers and includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G modems for seamless telework across Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms.

Other crowd-pleasing options are the HP EliteBook 800 series with up to 24 hours of battery life, and toner-sipping HP laser printers like the HP LaserJet Pro M501 with print speeds of up to 24 pages per minute (PPM). All HP printers, desktops, notebooks, and displays are eligible for the same great 0% financing offer.

Don't miss HP's latest laptops, from the convertible HP Spectre x360 to affordable HP Chromebooks, HP Pavilions, and more.

3. Streamline your IT

“Is this thing worth fixing?” It's almost always cheaper to fix an old laptop or PC than to buy a new one. But what's the endgame? One of the reasons HP's 0% small business financing is such a shot in the arm is that old tech is, well, old tech. Even after you fix it, it's still outdated, slower, and less effective than a new device.

By contrast, disposing of ageing computers and printers safely and with a low level of environmental impact presents its own challenges. HP® can help with the disposal process while expediting modernization. Through the lease program, you can free your company from the worry about end-of-life issues, data destruction, and adherence to fast-changing disposition regulations.

Stop running to failure

A straightforward purchase and moving old machines to less critical functions or converting them to cash in the aftermarket can boost your IT productivity. That translates to lower costs for maintenance and IT by allocating its budgets to new machines rather than helping old ones limp along.

When you use 0% small business financing in Canada from HP®, you move from a paradigm of “run to failure” to one of preventive maintenance. That can cut those maintenance costs by 90% by increasing operational efficiency, slashing your risk of costly reactive repairs, and cutting ongoing maintenance costs.

Stop your staff from squinting and reduce eyestrain with HP monitors like the HP E344c 34-inch curved monitor, HP Ultraslim Full-HD IPS monitor, and more.

4. Slash downtime

Downtime on notebooks and PCs is time you're not delighting customers. It's time your competition is jumping ahead. Consider that 37% of small and medium-sized businesses have lost customers thanks to network or hardware lapses, and 17% have lost revenue. And about 25% of these businesses experience significant downtime each year.

Older computers experience up to 40% more downtime than newer ones. Hardware failure, application outages, and OS troubles translate to reduced productivity with 4-year-old machines doubling your team's downtime.

Get more done in less time

By contrast, new machines can give your team more productive time each year. With 0% small business financing in Canada from HP®, turning IT into a monthly cost with no old-tech worries means more work gets done. That's good for the bottom line and morale as employee frustrations evaporate.

As IT outages continue to increase, intensive network monitoring, system backups, strict update schedules, and employee training can help. But turning IT hardware into a subscription service solves the problem at the source, while saving employee time and resources.

Print more, faster, with less cost. See HP printers for your business like the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP, which provides best-in-class security and scan to email capability.

5. Old PCs can cost more to fix than replace

How much does it cost to fix a lagging PC or notebook? The average cost per hour is $120 to $150, with standard jobs like hard drive replacement costing $350 in labour and parts. But when the hard drive goes, it's usually got company. The most common things that break machines are spills, age, power surges, and heat.

Sadly, those problems don't just fry one easy-to-fix component and leave the rest intact. An ailing machine may need a new CPU, hard drive, and expanded memory. Worse, compatibility issues between components can create a one-light-goes-out, they-all-go-out situation, and the bill can rack up quickly.

A clean sweep saves double

Old systems that cost more to repair than replace still leave you with old software and a less competitive setup. Compared to new technology, you'll face diminishing ROI with outdated tech. With HP's 0% small business financing in Canada, new machines with pre-installed, newly-released software save on labour too.

New computers have advanced security, faster processors, and future-forward configurations. You can also take them with you anywhere and enjoy the same warranties as HP hardware purchased outright.

Need more small business financing tips? See the Bank of Montreal's guide to navigating the COVID-19 cash flow crisis.

6. Put your business on an easy IT schedule


You'll avoid an IT scheduling nightmare when you no longer have to keep track of which hardware or software to update when. IT teams can struggle to stay on top of a growing company's network picture without causing disruptions for employees. By using financing options, IT scheduling smooths out.

When the lease term ends, simply return your ageing tech fleet for new replacement HP products. IT as a service makes updating machines regular and predictable, with rock-bottom up-front costs. You'll appreciate the surprise-free billing schedule, and your team will love knowing they can expect regular upgrades.

Find out more about small business financing with cash flow strategy tips from BDO Canada.

7. Clarify your financial picture

It's tricky to nail down what most companies spend on IT in any given year, month, or week. Costs for labour, hardware, apps, subscriptions, and professional services related to IT can create a financial tangle, muddying the reporting process. Big tax breaks in one year can follow with no breaks in other years, and depreciation can create accounting headaches.

By contrast, 0% small business financing in Canada from HP® comes with instant financial transparency and tax advantages. Your company goes from struggling to nail down IT costs to cleanly writing off IT spending every month. Plus, shipping and installation costs can be included in the lease.

How to tap into 0% small business financing

To take advantage of HP's 0% financing for your small business, call HP's small business experts at 1-866-390-1160. You'll get a quote based on your needs and budget. Then the small business team will evaluate your application and finalize your product selections. Pending approval, HP® will deliver your equipment.

Keep your business liquid now and for years to come, with MNP's crisis cash flow guide.


HP 0% small business financing in Canada lets your team work on the cutting edge of tech, without incurring big up-front costs. With this financing solution, you'll experience less downtime from hardware failure, faster, more efficient workflows, and a streamlined IT process. Look into HP's Canada computers financing today to see how much easier IT can be.

About the Author: Tom Gerencer is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Tom is an ASJA journalist, career expert at Zety.com, and a regular contributor to Boys' Life and Scouting magazines. His work is featured in Costco Connection, FastCompany, and many more.


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