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20 Best Work from Home Accessories

20 Best Work from Home Accessories

We’re all working from home a lot more these days, and it may not be a temporary thing. Early adopters around the country are supersizing their efficiency with a streamlined work-from-home setup. To stay ahead of the curve while sitting at your desk, you’ll want to pay attention to a few key pieces of sanity-saving gear.

You can max out your productivity, comfort, and quality of life with these super-useful work-from-home essentials. We’ll let you in on secrets like adjustable desks, back-saving chairs, inexpensive Zoom lighting, noise cancelling headphones, and even a wireless keyboard and phone stand for speed and comfort.

1. Comfortable work from home desk setup


This is your home, and you make the furniture decisions here. A great desk is one of the top home office essentials that can make your day a joy. Seriously consider getting the SHW sitting standing desk. Sit a bit, then stand a bit, and reap big dividends in back and shoulder health. It adjusts electronically with easy presets so you can make the shift quickly.

2. Cozy desk chair

A folding chair is fine for quick bursts of productivity, but the best home office setups don’t skimp on the chair. Get a high-end desk chair like the Herman Miller Aeron to see what comfort feels like. If a brand-new option is outside your budget, explore used options on eBay, since these heavenly bits of work-from-home equipment come with a 10-year warranty.

If the used price is still too rich, the Noblechairs ICON is an astounding mix of comfort and budget-friendliness. For an even more affordable option, try the ComfiLife memory foam seat cushion.

3. Zoom lighting to look your best


When we first started this new Zoom chat lifestyle, looking bad was funny. Now, the joke is over and it’s time to look professional again. The Lume Cube videoconferencing light can help you do just that with a light panel that clips comfortably to your laptop.

For a less expensive option, try a ring light for phone or laptop calls. Ring lights add a professional influencer look to your conference calls, and they make up for those times when natural light isn’t an option.

4. Noise cancelling headphones to zap distraction

Headphones are home office must-haves for anyone who wants to work through the din of playing kids and barking dogs. Sony WH 1000XM4s headphones are the industry leader when it comes to comfort and blocking out ambient noise. A much more affordable option that’s lighter on the head is the HP stereo USB headset. It’s great for calls and piping in your favourite music or white noise app.

5. Micro mobile laptop


Remote work isn’t always deskbound, which is why a great WFH setup needs to move with you. You may need to move to the couch, the kitchen, or an upstairs bedroom several times a day.

To keep working interruption-free, the HP Elite Dragonfly’s lighter-than-air frame moves with you, starting up from standby in the blink of an eye. It also flips from laptop to tablet to media mode in a flash, making it one of the best work from home laptops on the market.

6. Laptop stand

When you’re working at a standing desk, a laptop stand can put your work under your fingertips. Some telecommuters use them for more natural video conferencing without that “looking down at you” appearance. Watch out for ergonomic issues, though, because a stand can put your keyboard at an awkward angle.

7. No-fight multifunction printer


Family members popping into the home office for a quick print can derail your productivity. A centrally-located WiFi printer like the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 All-in-One printer can preserve remote work harmony by handling every print for everyone in a central and accessible location.

8. Speedy Bluetooth phone and tablet keyboard

One of the handiest work-from-home gadgets you didn’t know you needed is a Bluetooth keyboard for your phone or tablet. It’ll put rocket boosters on your day for all those times you need to bang out a quick message on your mobile gear. For bonus points, plunk it right between the halves of a split laptop keyboard for the best ergonomics.

9. External laptop keyboard


Tapping away at a laptop keyboard is fine for when you work in parks and coffee shops. For home office use, though, a full external keyboard is a work-from-home necessity. The HP Elite wireless keyboard lets you roam without plugging in each time you’re at your desk. And if you need a number pad, pick up the HP Pavilion wireless keyboard.

10. Ergonomic wireless mouse

Trackpads are fine for short work sessions, but for optimal home office design, go with an external mouse. For a sleek design with exceptional accuracy and speed, the HP Z3700 Sapphire Blue wireless mouse is a good bet. On a budget? The HP X1500 will stretch your dollar.

11. The right monitor


A neck-saving, eye-saving, back-saving monitor is one of the best home office accessories you can buy. A dual-monitor setup with the HP EliteDisplay e27 will showcase more of your work at once, cutting down on mousing for better ergonomics. To save desk space, consider an ultra-wide monitor like the HP S430c 43-inch curved monitor for an immersive work experience.

12. Useful tablet stand and phone stand

For more comfortable reading and video conferencing at eye level, a tablet stand should be high on any list of desk accessories. The Lamicall tablet stand tilts and rotates, and it works with tablets from most manufacturers. The Doboli smartphone stand brings the same efficiency to your phone.

13. Money-saving print plans


You never know how much money you’re spending on printing until you see what you can save with HP’s low cost print plans. Instead of paying by the cartridge, you’ll pay by the page, so you always know exactly what you’ll spend. Bonus: you’ll never run out of ink either, since ordering (and recycling) happens automatically.

14. Laptop radiation and heat shield

Our laptops may balance serious power with serious cooling (just take a gander at the HP ZBook Firefly G7), but a shield like AboveTEK’s is a must. Start working on the desk and move to the upstairs bedroom in a pinch, all while keeping cool and shielded from RF.

15. Eye-saving blue light glasses

A pair of blue light-blocking computer glasses can keep your eyes comfy during long remote work days. The best way to avoid eye strain is to take breaks every 20 minutes to look at something far away. But excessive blue light exposure, especially later in the day, may affect your sleep. By blocking that blue light as much as possible, you can get more of the sleep you need to keep your productivity tip-top.

16. Humidifier and hygrometer

Allergy sufferers know working through a sinus headache fog is no joke. A humidifier like the Pure Enrichment MistAire can help, but only if you use it in moderation. Adding a hygrometer creates a powerful combo for dry winter days or wet summer ones, because you can dial in your moisture level, breathe easier, and get more done.

17. Zero water pitcher

Stay hydrated for a boost in productivity with a ZeroWater pitcher filter. It removes all the dissolved solids from your water, and it comes with a quality meter to prove it. It’s inexpensive and the filters last a long time. It also works better than pricey under-the sink-options.

18. Zippy WiFi booster

When you move to the back patio or the downstairs family room to work, does your WiFi signal travel with you? Work from home accessories like the TP-Link WiFi extender can make sure it does. It extends your coverage to up to 2,000 square feet and supports more than 30 devices at once.

19. Charging station

A charging station can make it so much easier to keep your tablets, phones, headsets, and all your other gizmos topped up. There’s no need to hunt for cords or outlets with one of these handy devices. Look for a charging station that’s durable and stable, and has plenty of USB-C ports.

20. Bluetooth speaker

Sometimes, you just don’t want to wear a set of headphones. For those music-listening, conference-calling, video-streaming times, a Bluetooth speaker like the Anker Sound Core Mini is a lifesaver. It’s compact and durable, with 66 feet of Bluetooth range and 15 hours of battery life.

Bonus: Powerful desktop PC


The HP All-in-One PC looks great on your desk, and you’ll keep wondering where the tower is. This towerless PC does away with the spaghetti-pile of cables, making your home office neat and clean. Plus, its massive 32-inch display and blazingly fast Intel Core i7 processor make telecommuting a snap.


Working from home isn’t just a once-in-a-while gig anymore. Most of us need at least a few work from home essentials from our list to streamline workflows. These gadgets can make remote work feel more regular and comfortable, so you can get more done without feeling like you’re at camp.

About the Author: Tom Gerencer is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. Tom is an ASJA journalist, career expert at Zety.com, and a regular contributor to Boys' Life and Scouting magazines. His work is featured in Costco Connection, FastCompany, and many more.


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