HP Recommends Internet Explorer

Perfect for touch

Put the web in your hands. For the first time a browser has been created with touch at its core. Introducing the entirely new Internet Explorer. Designed from the ground up to create a fluid and intuitive experience for use with touch devices.

Built for Speed

We’ve designed Internet Explorer to be fast and fluid. From opening the browser to loading pages with stunning app-like performance on sites,  you’ll be surprised how fast the web can be.

Easy, clean & uncomplicated

Internet Explorer gets out of the way when you browse. Controls appear when you need them and vanish when you don’t, giving you full screen browsing.

Protection evolved

Internet Explorer is not only beautiful, its highly evolved defense mechanisms let you browse the web with the peace of mind that you are in control of your privacy and you have the best socially-engineered malware protection available. No other browser offers more.

* Internet access required and sold separately.

** It is strongly recommended that users continue to use third party anti-virus software as part of their security strategy.