HP Z24u G3 WUXGA USB-C Display (1C4Z6AA)

Meticulously crafted to surpass every design standard, the HP Z24u G3 WUXGA USB-C Display helps bring your ideas to life with remarkable color accuracy in precise WUXGA resolution.

  • Размер на дисплея (диагонал): 61 cm (24")
  • Чакане на отговор: 5ms GtG (with overdrive) *
  • Разделителна способност (естествена): WUXGA (1920 x 1200) *
  • Коефициент на контраста: 1000:1 *
HP Z24u G3 WUXGA USB-C Display (1C4Z6AA)

Universally consistent colors

Out of the box, you get remarkable color accuracy from screen to screen * . Achieve precise, vibrant detail with 99% sRBG color gamut and WUXGA resolution.

Design pushed to the edge

Meticulously crafted with a razor-thin profile and frameless design, this stunning 24-inch diagonal screen monitor effortlessly powers your PC or Mac®. Get ultimate comfort with 4-way ergonomic adjustability.

Always on low blue light

Experience exceptional vibrancy with HP Eye Ease, the always on low blue light filter that reduces blue light exposure with zero impact to true color accuracy.

Exquisitely crafted for every detail

Easily connect multiple monitors

Declutter your desk and connect a series of displays by daisy chaining with a single DisplayPort™ cable.

All the ports you need

Connect to a Workstation, a PC and additional displays.

Easily mount a Mini

Mount your HPZ2 Mini or HP Desktop Mini directly to the monitor for a clean workspace.

HP Zero BrightDot Guarantee

Even if just a third of a pixel fails or is stuck in one position, HP will replace the entire display.

Тех. спецификации

  • Яркост:

    350 nits *

  • Цветна гама:

    99% sRGB; 85% DCI-P3

  • Хоризонтален ъгъл на гледане:


  • Вертикален ъгъл на гледане: