HP Slim Rechargeable Pen Charger (4X491AA)

Place the HP Slim Rechargeable Pen inside the charger and it will automatically align to the pogo-pins. It works in different directions and it easy to remove the pen.

  • Тегло: 53.5 g
  • Минимални размери (Ш x Д x В): 16.95 x 2.14 x 1.63 cm
  • Какво има в кутията: Pen Charger, QSP, Warranty Card
HP Slim Rechargeable Pen Charger (4X491AA)

More Power. Less Time.

With fast USB charging on tap, simply place the pen * inside the charger for 20 seconds and you'll have enough power to last another 70 minutes * .

Sleek & Stylish Design

Who says a charging device has to look bulky and plain. While this charger is big on practicality, it's also big on style. With a sleek and elegant design it will never look out of place, wherever you work.

Goes Everywhere You Do

If you're like most pen users, your pen goes wherever you go * . That’s why you need a portable way to quickly and easily recharge it. Rest assured, with its small size and sleek design, this is one pen charger that's as portable as your pen.