Intel X550 10GBASE-T Dual Port NIC (1QL46AA)

Intel X550 10GBASE-T Dual Port NIC (1QL46AA)

Dual-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet throughput

Improve response times and alleviate bottlenecks that impact the performance of next-generation data centers with 20 Gbps full-duplex Ethernet transfer rate per port.

5X the size of a standard 1500-byte Ethernet frame

Achieve high-throughput performance and improve CPU utilization for database transfer and tape backup operations with support for jumbo frames and up to a 9.5K byte (KB) transmission unit (MTU) when running Ethernet I/O traffic.

TCP/IP Stateless offloading

Optimize host efficiency and leave the CPU available for other duties with support for TCP/IP stateless offloading.

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  • Тегло:

    137.5 gr

  • Минимални размери (Ш x Д x В):

    12.95 x 1.52 x 6.85 cm