HP STITCH S Printer series claims

This website provides documentation supporting the claim “The world’s fastest color match” for the HP STITCH S Printer series.

In dye-sublimation there are different steps that influence how fast and accurate a color can be matched. The following reports and disclaimers are focused on the key parts of this process, like color profiling, PANTONE® color matching, and job balancing, in order to demonstrate how fast an HP STITCH S series printer performs in all of these areas compared to the current industry-standard workflow.

1. Color profiling—Every time a new fabric or transfer paper is used, dye-sub users should create a new color profile before they start printing in order to match the color vibrancy expectations of their customers.

Based on internal and third-party reports as of March 2019. Creating a profile with the HP Easy Profiling tool takes 50% less time compared with industry-standard workflows today and can be performed without previous color management or profiling experience.

2. PANTONE® emulation—When customers demand specific PANTONE® colors that are out of the printer gamut, HP offers an automatic solution that offers the closest visual color match without the need for a manual trial-and-error process.

As of March 2019, for out-of-gamut PANTONE® colors, only HP offers HP PANTONE® emulation software based on an algorithm that mimics what color professionals do by eye when choosing the closest visual match. The other RIPs in the industry use the colors with the smallest ∆E difference, which means that users often need to do a manual, iterative process in order to get the closest visual color match.

3. Color consistency—For those customers using multiple printers, in order to get consistent results across the fleet, matching colors from printer-to-printer is a must.

As of March 2019, only HP offers a built-in spectrophotometer to read and save color references without requiring external devices, and the HP Configuration Center to easily deploy color references across the HP STITCH S Printer series fleet, ensuring an average <1∆E 2000 color difference (95% colors <1.5∆E2000).

Refer to the pdf files on this page for the summary of claims and substantiation.