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HP Datacenter Environmental Edge

Customers are realizing that traditional forms of power and cooling are not enough to address their data center efficiency challenges. They need flexible solutions that extend beyond energy-efficient servers and encompass data center design and operations. The new HP Datacenter Environmental Edge uses energy and environmental monitoring to help customers tackle inefficiencies with a data center-wide approach.

HP Datacenter Environmental Edge is a key component of the new HP Extreme Scale-Out (ExSO) portfolio, which enables organizations to accelerate business growth, reduce cost and save time though an optimized portfolio of data center solutions, services and support. Its system of wireless sensors provide customers with real-time visualization of their data center environments, highlighting where they can lower power or cooling as energy requirements change, thereby reducing over-allocation.

HP Datacenter Environmental Edge enables customers to lower total data center energy usage by up to 18 percent, which can translate into energy savings of up to $2.4 million a year. This results in a return on investment of only 12 months.(1) Additionally, customers can reclaim up to 30 percent of cooling capacity(2) enabling them to deploy more IT in existing data center space, delivering more value to the business, without increasing their energy bill. This enables customers to reinvest unused funds to extend their data center lifespan and drive business growth.

Additional features and benefits include:
• Dense array of wireless sensors enable customers to quickly identify and address issues in their data centers. Sensors continuously monitor for temperature and humidity change, air pressure differential and kilowatt usage, up to 5,700 times a day. Using battery-powered, wireless sensor technology also speeds deployment time and costs, while offering the flexibility to easily adjust the environment as needs change.
• HP Insight Environmental Observer visualization software speeds problem detection and resolution with a real-time, two-dimensional graphical view of data center temperature (top, middle and bottom temperature and the racks), air pressure and humidity. Alarms are activated when temperature, humidity or air pressure thresholds are exceeded, enabling issues to be identified and dealt with quickly, maximizing the life of aging as well as next-generation data centers. Power and cooling reports along with multi-day visualization playback features provide critical trend information that allows administrators to identify and more easily plan for seasonal spikes.
• Optional sensors further increase data center-wide energy efficiency with a granular view of a data center environment, including tracking chilled water flow, rack door position, water leak detection and kilowatt-hour meters.
• Easy deployment ensures simple, fast, customized integration with existing systems that can save time and money. The ability to fully install hardware and software in 21 hours,(3) coupled with post deployment support, greatly improves business agility.
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Pricing and availability
The HP Datacenter Environmental Edge is expected be available beginning June 15, with prices starting at $8 to 10 per square foot.(4)
(1) Based on a 100,000-square-foot data center.
(2) Achieved by optimizing the cooling infrastructure, increasing set points on CRAH units, increasing chilled water temp and minimizing over-provisioning by turning off unneeded CRAH units.
(3) Per 5,000-square-foot data centers with 150 racks and four CRAH units.
(4) Estimated U.S. street prices at 5,000 square feet. Actual prices may vary.

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