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HP ProLiant SL6000 Scalable System

Extreme-scale data center managers are facing enormous financial pressures to lower computing expenses while utilizing technology resources to seize a competitive advantage. The latest scale-out system from HP cost-effectively supports the intensive performance required for the most complex workloads. The HP ProLiant SL6000 is a flexible, power-efficient solution ideal for customers whose infrastructure must easily scale to meet the needs of a Web 2.0, cloud or high-performance computing business model.
Based on industry-standard architecture, the HP ProLiant SL6000 is the first standards-based multi-node system designed specifically for scale-out environments. This architecture enables ExSO customers to double their compute density, while reducing acquisition costs by up to 10 percent and power draw by 28 percent.(1)

Additional HP ProLiant SL6000 system features and benefits include:
• Delivering unrestricted airflow through a shared power and cooling infrastructure in a 2U chassis lessens fan load, resulting in a 28 percent power decrease per server compared to traditional rack-based servers.(1)
• Lowering acquisition costs and simplifying configuration with industry-standard components that ensure compatibility with HP and third-party racks.
• Increasing deployment flexibility and simplifying data center integration with modular, mix-and-match storage and compute components.
• Allowing administrators to easily expand compute or storage configurations to support a variety of workloads with three swappable compute trays.
• Removing up to 31 percent of weight per server and up to 838.5 tons of data center weight,(2) while reducing shipping as well as construction costs with a standardized, shared infrastructure.
• Reducing service and maintenance costs with front system cabling that allows easy access to key system components.
• Reducing acquisition costs for customers who require thousands of server nodes through volume packaging. This adds up to a total capital expenditure savings of $14.5 million in an ExSO data center.(3)
• Removing the need to manually control servers with the Optional Rack Control Unit, a solution that provides power monitoring of each independent server, allowing administrators to allocate resources elsewhere.
• Simplifying design and volume deployments with ExSO specialized services and HP automated supply chain systems. On-site installation services result in rapid, specialized delivery of ExSO infrastructure solutions, providing faster time to market.
• Eliminating deployment hassles with HP Factory Express, an integration service that delivers customized, pre-configured and tested infrastructure solutions –often a rack at a time.

About the ProLiant SL Line-up
HP ProLiant z6000 G6 chassis, based on industry standards, fits into standard HP and third-party racks. The SL z6000 chassis is designed to leverage shared infrastructure including fans, power and the physical enclosure for SL servers. This innovative design improves energy efficiency, decreases management complexity and reduces materials required for server enclosures.
The HP ProLiant SL6000 customers can choose from three HP ProLiant G6 servers:
• HP ProLiant SL2x170z G6 delivers high-density compute with two servers in each 1U tray for highly dense applications such as high-performance computing and web front-end applications.
• HP ProLiant SL160z G6 delivers increased memory with 18 dual, in-line memory module (DIMM) slots and up to two peripheral component interconnect (PCI) slots, making it ideal for large memory-cache apps.
• HP ProLiant SL170z G6 delivers the greatest storage capacity with up to six large form-factor Serial ATA (SATA) or serial-attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives. The server is ideal for large storage applications such as web search and database applications.

Pricing and availability
The HP ProLiant SL6000 Scalable System is expected to be available in July with variable pricing, dependent on configuration and order volume.

(1) Power savings based HP comparisons of the SL2x170z with traditional rack servers; Double density based on fitting two server nodes in the physical space of one traditional 1U node.
(2) Compares maximum weight of Dell R610 and SL170z.
(3) Compares 100,000-square-foot data center example (88,000 servers) of ProLiant SL2x170z with the Dell R160 with approximately $165 per node capital expenditure savings.

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