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HP Information Management Solutions

Executives are dealing with a common challenge: explosive growth in business information. All around the world, companies are collecting, storing and managing more information than ever before, including finding new ways to use it. Today, chief information officers (CIOs) are under increased pressure to manage the current information explosion while dramatically reducing costs and planning for the future.
Data continues to explode at exponential rates:
• 87 billion emails are sent every day across the globe
• 4.5 trillion pages per year are copied or printed in today’s businesses
• Global digital information doubles every 18 months
• By 2010 the world’s information will reach close to a zettabyte (1,000 exabytes)
• By 2011 there will be 20 quadrillion “information assets” (files, images, tags)
Across a wide spectrum of industries, companies are seeking better ways to manage and govern information. Even beyond that need, there’s a bigger question: How can organizations leverage information as a strategic asset for competitive advantage and at the same time reduce costs?
HP provides a portfolio of solutions that helps companies turn mountains of raw data into a strategic asset that drives better business outcomes.
HP Information Management solutions include: Governance and e-Discovery; Business Continuity and Availability; Document Workflow Transformation

HP Governance and e-Discovery
These solutions range from advanced data classification to records management services, as well as full design, implementation and support services. These offerings capture, archive, search and retrieve information. In turn, organizations can better manage risks related to meeting corporate governance, legal and compliance demands.
HP Governance and e-Discovery solutions include:
• HP Integrated Archive Platform – automates storing and indexing of information using encoded retention policies to search billions of objects in seconds.
• HP Email Archiving software for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino -- software that integrates with HP Integrated Archive Platform to lower business risks associated with e-discovery and compliance requirements. HP Email Archiving software also reduces the cost of email storage and improves email manageability.
• HP File Archiving software -- policy-based file archiving solution that enables customers to automatically archive files, web and application server data from Windows environments for migration into HP Integrated Archive Platform.
• HP Database Archiving software – controls data growth in Oracle, Peoplesoft and SQL databases by optimizing retention policies for improved performance, higher availability and lower support costs while meeting long-term compliance plus e-discovery requirements.
• HP TRIM – document and records management system (DRMS) software that lets businesses capture, manage, access as well as secure enterprise information.
• Medical Archiving Solution – allows healthcare organizations to easily store, manage, search and retrieve diagnostic images in addition to other medical fixed content – improving patient care while reducing cost as well as complexity.
HP’s e-Discovery Professional Services include:
• e-Discovery and Records Management Advisory Services: Assess e-discovery needs and develop a roadmap to achieve litigation readiness.
• Document and Records Management Solutions: Provides a complete solution including analysis, design, deployment and maintenance of unstructured content repositories; ultimately allows organizations to capture, deliver and retrieve information faster.
• Data Management Services: Improve, manage and enable access to data to enhance business continuity as well as meet litigation and compliance needs.
With HP Governance and e-Discovery solutions, customers can:
• Consolidate and centralize growing information silos into an easily managed enterprise information repository.
• Search and retain massive volumes of e-mail, application-generated documents, databases, files as well as captured paper sources.
• Maintain ongoing compliance and preparedness for litigation, while increasing overall productivity.
• Reduce the cost of long-term management and data retention.
Customers with proven successes include:
• Brunel University
• Fidelity Case Study
• Forsyth County Schools Case Study
• Gwinnett Medical Center Case Study
• Landstinget Gävleborg Health Authority
• Metro Regional Government Case Study

HP Business Continuity and Availability
HP Business Continuity and Availability solutions help customers protect and access business-critical information. Customers also can reduce risk by establishing strong business continuity and availability practices, as well as deploying a resilient technology environment, complete with enhanced security features.
HP Business Continuity and Availability solutions are:
• HP Data Protector Software – provides advanced recovery management capabilities with data replication, non-disruptive backup, instant data restores and performance-enhancing clustering.
• HP Data Protection Services – provide customers with upfront consulting on best practices to ensure rapid implementation of HP Data Protector software.
With HP Business Continuity and Availability solutions, customers can:
• Simplify the use of complex backup and recovery procedures with fast installation, automated routine tasks, easy-to-use features in addition to centralized multi-site management.
• Protect critical information and reduce risk.
• Align availability and business continuity objectives to business requirements.
Customers with proven successes include:
• Aga Kahn University Hospital Case Study
• Missouri State Courts Case Study
• Springer Science+Business Media
• Versatel

HP Document Workflow Transformation
These solutions enable businesses to drive customer loyalty, accelerate time-to-market, and lower operational costs by releasing critical information up to 85 percent faster, in addition to reducing paper usage up to 50 percent.

HP Document Workflow Transformation solutions are:
• Enterprise Document Automation – HP Dialogue and HP Output Server produce documents simultaneously in up to 20 formats from a single design. The solution reduces development and production costs up to 80 percent, as well as enables customers to get to market with critical communications up to 85 percent faster.
• HP Document Digitization – captures paper documents, streamlines paper intensive processes from days to hours, enables the re-use and sharing of content and improves customer service with quick access to accurate information.
• Integrated Document Management -- solution to manage document delivery proactively, centrally and cost-effectively for the reliable, monitored output of digital documents.
With HP Document Workflow Transformation solutions, businesses can:
• Streamline information workflows.
• Create personalized documents.
• Improve document-intensive processes.
• Reduce the time required to process customer interactions.
• Improve customer satisfaction, increase worker productivity and extract value from their content.

HP Professional Services
HP also offers comprehensive information management services, including:
• Strategy and Planning consulting.
• HP Information Management Software installation and configuration services.
• Content Management and Document Automation design and implementation.

HP acquisition of Tower Software
In March 2008, HP acquired Tower Software, a leading document and records management software company. HP integrated the documents and records management software under the HP TRIM portfolio. The acquisition enabled HP to expand its offerings in the fast-growing electronic discovery and compliance software market.

HP Software fast facts
• In Q4 2008, revenue for HP’s software division grew 13 percent to $855 million
• Today, HP software is used by more than 75 percent of global Fortune 100 companies
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