HP Converged Storage eliminates boundaries so you’re ready for what’s next.

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HP Converged Storage powered by
Intel® Xeon® processors.

Is your storage able to handle demands of datacenter virtualization?

There are a number of different challenges that come with data center virtualization. Outdated technologies, rigid infrastructure, and storage sprawl will likely hamper your move to virtualization and cloud-based computing. You’re going to need to simplify IT to improve agility and efficiency.

HP Converged Storage, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, offers modern, scale-out storage systems featuring:

HP LeftHand Storage Systems - the perfect fit for IT environments supporting a variety of virtual servers, client virtualization, database, email, and business applications. Built on industry-standard HP ProLiant and BladeSystem hardware and using HP scale-out software and converged management, you can be confident that LeftHand is optimized for virtual environments.

HP 3PAR Storage Systems - next-generation, Tier 1 utility storage systems built for IT-as-a-Service and are ideal for virtualization and the cloud. Features include multitenancy to support unpredictable, secure, federated cloud computing; thin technologies and sub-volume storage tiering for superior efficiency; and self-configuring software for autonomic management and improved administration efficiency.

HP 3PAR – the world’s faster array. Read the Storage Performance Council (SPC) report now.

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