HP Printer Skill for Alexa delivers hands-free printing that fits right into the way you live1.

HP Voice-activated Printing

Say hello to voice-activated printing

Make printing as easy as talking. HP Printer Skill lets you connect your printer to Alexa-enabled device for hands-free printing. Then, all you have to do is say:

“Alexa, ask my Printer…”

to print a page from Just Add Color

HP Printer Skill enables you to print a wide variety of everyday and creative documents, including games, coloring pages, to-do lists, notebook paper, forms, and more2.

Get inspiration with every print

You can ask the HP Printer Skill to print coloring pages, games, notebook paper and more. Even print directly from other Alexa skills in one seamless experience.

Amazon to-do and shopping lists

“Alexa, ask My Printer to print my shopping list”
“Alexa, ask My Printer to print my to-do list”

Art therapy from Just Add Color

“Alexa, ask My Printer to print Art Therapy”


Print numbers puzzles, Bingo cards, word searches, crosswords and comics.


Print a checklist, wide-rule notebook paper, calendar, or metric graph paper.

Crayola coloring pages

“Alexa, ask My Printer to print a coloring page from Crayola”

Help and support

Find help at www.hp.com/go/googlehome or through HP Support on Facebook Messenger Contact HP support on Facebook Messenger at http://hp.care/ghp

Please send us any feedback to voice.print@hp.com3

  1. Available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India.
  2. Requires HP account and HP web-connected printer registered on HP Connected. For details see: www.hp.com/go/HPAlexaPrint
  3. By emailing HP your feedback, any personal data you provide will be governed by the HP Privacy Statement, and will only be used to respond to you, as applicable.