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Discover the benefits of the right cloud computing solution, where the possibilities and interoperability of an open source platform and an agile environment deliver affordable flexibility, reliability and security.

HP Helion is a portfolio of cloud products and services that provides the tools needed to develop, deploy and deliver applications in a Hybrid IT environment securely. This future proofs your business so it can test, learn and succeed faster. And it’s flexible enough to handle your mission critical applications.

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As a Platinum member of OpenStack Foundation, and one of the founders and leaders of the OpenStack community and Cloud Foundry, HP has assumed a central role in the development of technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of large companies and to offer on the world market Helion OpenStack technology solutions based on Cloud Foundry.

Aurora is one of the most advanced data centres in the southern hemisphere.
Aurora serves as a node in HP’s global network of data centres. Active capability between the Sydney facility and other HP data centres around the world mean Aurora is used by some HP global clients as a disaster recovery option. HP’s Converged Cloud Services is also delivered from the facility.




Applications and services that are always available and which can adapt to new opportunities.



Rapidly and reliably scales technology resources up and down
to meet changing needs.



Assets, resources and information are closely guarded to manage risk and protect innovation. They are protected against failure.



Harness the power of information to help executives make better decisions. Protect information and deliver
it in accordance with enterprise requirements.



Selects the best delivery model for the solution – the delivery model that provides the right outcome, in the right time frame, at the right place.

HP can offer the right cloud solution for the right applications at the right price.
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