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HP Care Pack

Purchasing HP Care Pack

Who should you go to when your laptop, desktop or printer is experiencing issues? Look no further, because at HP, we offer special HP Care Pack with your device purchase, comprising of various services for PC repair, extended warranty and support for you.

HP Care Pack isn’t just warranty coverage – it’s 24/7 tech support, pickup of damaged devices, in-home service for select devices, and coverage for multiple incidents.

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    HP Care Pack

    What is HP Care Pack?

    HP Care Pack is an exclusive extended warranty services provided by HP when you buy any HP devices with us. HP Care Pack allows you to upgrade to a better warranty beyond the original warranty so you can rest assured that you are covered with better support for the entire time you are using your HP devices.

    HP Care Pack warranty is applicable for original HP products, including laptop, desktop, printer and other hardware. HP Care Pack Services will have you covered on these issues:

    • Exchange
    • Installation
    • Onsite repair
    • Pickup and return
    • Protection services
    • Return to depot

    What is the Difference between Original Warranty and HP Care Pack?

    When you purchase any HP product, it will come with a standard original warranty. In most cases, the original product warranty will only get you covered for one year. Once it ended, you are no longer protected and will have to bear any repair costs on your own.

    With HP Care Pack, you can choose to get full support and protection for up to 3 years. Our various packages will get you covered on any technical concerns that you desire for your HP device. Ease your worries when you opt for the Accidental Damage Protection that covers spills, drops, falls and more.

    Years of Coverage 1 year Only Up to 3 Years
    Accidental Damage Protection No Yes
    Here for you 7 days a week Yes Yes
    No deductibles or hidden fees Yes Yes

    *Accidental Damage Protection is only applicable for HP laptop.

    Why Do You Need HP Care Pack?

    Extensive Support: Whether it’s onsite repair, parts replacement, shipping cost or installation help, HP Care Pack will have your back. When you are covered with HP Care Pack, you can rest assure that your HP product are taken care of accordingly.

    Service Coverage: Get up to 3 years of guaranteed protection with HP Care Pack. You will be covered 24/7 with immediate response and action, at your permanent location or even while you’re travelling.

    Time-saving: No need to waste time searching for suitable replacement parts or leaving your device at unauthorized service center for weeks.

    Excellent Response: Our experts are on the job 7 days a week, through telephone call or chat support to help you diagnose the problem.

    Cost-effective: In the long-term perspective, you are spending less money on HP Care Pack coverage, as compared to the blurry cost of repair or replacement for parts in the future.

    Types of HP Care Pack Support


    • HP Hardware Next Business Day Advance Exchange Service provides a fast and reliable service exchange for eligible products.
    • Remote technical assistance to help you resolve problems.
    • If needed, replacement unit will be shipped to your doorstep the next day.
    • Includes shipping costs for both ways.
    • Pre-paid packaging material is provided for your shipment of failed product back to HP.

    Onsite Repair

    • HP Next Business Day Onsite Hardware Support for HP laptop and HP Desktop.
    • Remote problem diagnosis and support, with replacement parts and materials included.
    • Device repair by experts with genuine HP Parts and no hidden fees or deductibles.
    • HP Next Business Day Onsite Hardware Support for Travelers is available in more than 80 countries across the globe.
    • Optional Accidental Damage Protection that covers spills, drops, falls and more.

    Pickup and Return

    • HP Pickup and Return Service offers repair or replace with no loss in coverage, including coverage over multiple instances.
    • Remote telephone support and offsite repair for eligible products at an HP designated repair center.
    • Includes pickup, offsite repair, materials and parts, labor, and return shipping costs.
    • Repair will be done within 3-7 business days.
    • Optional Accidental Damage Protection that covers spills, drops, falls and more.

    Return To Depot

    • Cost-effective alternative to onsite service, and includes labor, parts, and materials.
    • HP Hardware Support Offsite Return Service offers remote telephone support and offsite repair for eligible products at an HP designated repair center.
    • Includes offsite repair or replacement, materials and parts, labor, and the cost of the return shipment.
    • Send your hardware to the HP designated repair center, deliver it in person or arrange for pickup.
    • Repair will be done within 3-7 business days.


    • HP Installation Service ensures that your products are properly installed by a certified HP technical assistant.
    • Includes the basic installation of HP-branded hardware and software, plus HP-supported products from other vendors that are sold by HP or by HP authorized resellers.

    Protection Service

    • Data Recovery Service (DRS) for HP commercial laptop, desktop, or workstation.
    • Safe handling of your files with fast, secure, and confidential data recovery.
    • Expert data recovery is performed by experienced professionals in a secured environment.
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