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BuyBack Program

  • Buyback Program refers to a limited period scheme to buy-back old Laptops/Phone/Tablets from individual customers on their purchase of new Laptop/VoiceTabs/Tablets provided some pre-conditions are met.
  • There is no upper limit on the buyback value, it is possible to get a buyback value higher than purchase value.
  • Purchase of an eligible HP Product is an essential pre-condition for buyback of the old gadget
  • A maximum of three (3) old gadgets may be exchanged by the Customer per purchase of an eligible HP Product.
  • Customer will have to pay full amount upfront. The Buyback value shall be credited back to the Customer within 14 days from the date of collection and inspection of the old gadget. The exchanged machine should be in Working Condition and meet the condition defined in the calculator in order to qualify for buy-back.
  • The collection will be initiated once new product is delivered in order to enable customer to transfer old data. It is also responsibility of the Customer to wipe, clean or delete data on his/her old Gadget
  • All exchanged old gadgets collected as part of this Buyback Program which violate any of the declarations made during the process of calculating buyback amount in the calculator will be returned and Customer will have to bear all associated return-shipment charges. An Example of violation is customer declaring screen is intact, but screen actually being cracked.
  • In an event where the Customer is returning the new HP Product purchased under this program (as per applicable terms associated with return of product), the gadget being exchanged CANNOT be returned or shipped back to the Customer
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