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The Software Update capabilities of HP Systems Insight Manager have been enhanced with the addition of the following features:

  • Initial ProLiant Support Pack Install. This feature enables you to install the latest ProLiant Support Pack from the specified Version Control Repository Manager. This is for use only on target systems not running the HP Version Control Agent

  • Install Software and Firmware. This feature enables you to automatically update ProLiant Support Packs and components onto HP systems managed by HP Systems Insight Manager. The target systems must have the Version Control Agent installed.

  • Searching by systems with Software/Firmware. This search criterion enables you to quickly create and display a list of systems with specific software or firmware versions. For example, a user with full configuration rights might want to locate and display all HP systems with HP Insight Management Agents less than a defined version. The search can then be used with the Install Software and Firmware Task to update the systems to the current version of Insight Management Agents.

  • Software Version Status Polling. This feature enables you to quickly determine which systems managed by HP Systems Insight Manager are in need of a software upgrade. Software and firmware upgrade status are retrieved from the Version Control Agent on target systems. Software and firmware inventory is also retrieved from those systems during this task.

  • Replicate Agent Settings. This feature enables you to configure the settings of a group of systems by means of an HP Systems Insight Manager task.

All of these system software management enhancements rely on the tight integration of HP Systems Insight Manager with the HP Version Control Repository Manager and the HP Version Control Agent.

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