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Viewing a MIB

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Once a Management Information Base (MIB) has been registered in the HP Systems Insight Manager database, additional mxmib options, such as mxmib -l and mxmib -t can be used to view all MIBs added to the database and all traps associated with a particular MIB. Also, SNMP Trap Settings (OptionsEventsSNMP Trap Settings) can be used to display all registered MIBs and their associated traps that are contained in the database. The Event Type, Description, Enable Trap Handling, Category, and Severity can be modified through this screen to further customize the information that is collected on the network. Refer to MIBs - Editing a MIB or more information regarding editing a MIB.

Do not rename, move, or delete MIB files from the directory once they are registered.

In order for a MIB file to be listed as registered, the MIB file must reside in the MIBs directory.

The HP Systems Insight Manager directories indicated below are default directories. However, the directories can vary depending on the directory specified during HP Systems Insight Manager installation.

To view a MIB on a Windows operating system:

  1. Navigate to the MIB directory at c:/program files/hp/systems insight manager/mibs.

  2. Open the MIB with an ASCII editor.

  3. Enter write cpqhost.mib on the Windows command line.

To view a MIB on a Linux/HP-UX operating system:

  1. Navigate to the MIB directory opt/mx/mibs.

  2. Run mxmib -l to view registered MIBs traps.

  3. Enter vi file.mib from a shell prompt.

  4. Open the MIB with an ASCII editor.

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