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Registering a MIB

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HP Systems Insight Manager ships with HP MIBs that are registered at installation. In addition, a number of pre-compiled MIBs are included in the form of .CFG files. These MIBS can be registered at your convenience. A number of those .CFG files have been edited. If the corresponding MIB is recompiled, then those edits are lost.

HP MIBs can be registered using the command line interface (CLI). The CLI is the same for all CMS types including Windows, Linux, and HP-UX.

To register a MIB, you must compile it using the mcompile command. This creates an intermediate format, .CFG file. Refer to MIBs - Editing a MIB for more information regarding editing a MIB.

This cfg file can then be registered to the HP Systems Insight Manager database using the mxmib -a or mxmib -f command.

To register a MIB in HP Systems Insight Manager:

  1. Open a DOS window or UNIX shell.

  2. Use an ASCII editor of your choice to create a file containing a list of cfgs to be registered.

  3. Run mxmib -f cfglist.list to import a list of MIBs into HP Systems Insight Manager. After the MIB is registered in HP Systems Insight Manager, you can use mxmib to list or delete the MIB from HP Systems Insight Manager.

    Note: You can also use mxmib -a mymib.CFG to register a single MIB.

    Note: The .CFG file being registered must be in the MIBs directory.

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