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Editing a MIB

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The HP MIBs configuration (.CFG) file can be edited with trap specific information such as:

  • TYPE. The type is a simplified form of the actual trap name. Change the type if it does not adequately describe the device for you.

  • SEVERITY. Some vendors use the default INFORMATIONAL for all severity levels. Change the severity to a level that reflects your judgment of the problem. Alternatively, you can change a Major or Critical severity for a trap message that is clearly not a critical situation in your environment. Only you know if this is the case. The only valid options for HP Systems Insight Manager are: Critical, Major, Minor and Informational.

  • MSG_FORMATTER. This is a message formatting string used to construct enhanced messages that may be sent to a pager or email. This string may be modified in the REV or the MIB.

  • ENABLE. By default all traps are enabled. Trap handling gives you control over the volume of messages. Shut off nuisance messages, such as unnecessary informational messages or repeated trap messages for an event that has not been corrected.

  • DESCRIPTION. The description is vendor-supplied. Replace it with more specific instructions, a precise reference source, or a Web site referral.

  • CATEGORY. The category lists the HP Systems Insight Manager category types and UNKNOWN.

To edit the .CFG file:

  1. Navigate to the MIB directory:

    • For Windows operating systems, navigate to \program files\hp\systems insight manager\mibs.

    • For Linux/HP-UX operating systems, navigate to \opt\mx\mibs.

  2. Run mcompile mymib.mib to create the .CFG file.

  3. After the .CFG file is created, use an ASCII editor of your choice to edit the .CFG file.

To edit trap specific information in HP Systems Insight Manager:

  1. From HP Systems Insight Manager, select OptionsEventsSNMP Trap Settings.

    The SNMP Trap Settings page is displayed.

  2. Select the MIB name.

  3. Select the trap within the MIB to be edited.

  4. Edit the file with your changes, and click [OK] to save your changes.

    Note: The changes made through the SNMP Trap Settings page, are saved to the HP Systems Insight Manager database only. The .CFG and MIB files are not affected.

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