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Compiling a MIB

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The mcompile command allows the user to compile an SNMP MIB file into an intermediate format (.CFG) file that can be registered by way of the mxmib utility for use with HP Systems Insight Manager.

Observe the following tips:

  • If the MIB file being compiled includes IMPORTS from other MIBs, the imported MIB files should also be located in the same directory as the MIB file being compiled.

  • Comment lines in MIB files start with "--" and end with a new line or the next occurrence of "--". Beware of MIBs with "-" characters across the entire line. These lines are intended to be comments. However extra dashes have cancelled the first set of "--" characters.

    For example:

    -- xyz comments out xyz


    -- -- xyz effectively uncomments xyz

  • mcompile expects the END keyword at the end of a module on a line by itself. Make sure there is a new line in the MIB file after the END keyword.

  • mcompile does not allow redefinition of standard data types. If the MIB file being compiled contains such redefinitions, they should be commented out before running mcompile.

To compile a MIB:

  1. Open a DOS window or UNIX shell.

  2. Run mcompile to compile an SNMP MIB file into an intermediate format (.CFG).

    mcompile recognizes the -d option. This option changes to the specified directory to locate and process the MIB file. The intermediate (.CFG) file is always placed in the same directory as the MIB file. By default, mcompile searches for the MIB file in the current directory.

    For example:

    cd mibsdir

    mcompile mymib.mib

    OR if you are not running in the MIBs directory:

    mcompile -d mibsdir mymib.mib

  3. Run mxmib to register the MIB with HP Systems Insight Manager.

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