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A Management Information Base (MIB) is a file that contains information that enables you to correctly interpret specific information from systems on your network and gives you a more precise view of the activity on your network. To take advantage of this capability, the MIB must be registered to HP Systems Insight Manager. Rrefer to MIBs - Registering a MIB for more information.

HP has defined MIBs for its systems, and these MIBs expose the rich management infrastructure that HP builds into its products. HP MIBs are already registered in the HP Systems Insight Manager database. You can find them in the directory \hp\system insight manager\mibs on a Windows CMS or opt\mx\mibs on a UNIX CMS. If you have non-HP systems on your network, you can register the MIBs that accompany the systems. Refer to MIBs - Registering a MIB or more information regarding registering your MIBs. This allows the MIBs to be identified correctly and traps can be interpreted correctly to give you a more precise view of the activity on your network. Always register the most recent version of a third-party MIB.

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