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License Manager
Viewing Key Details

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HP Systems Insight Manager enables you to view license details for a specific key. Access the Manage Keys page. Select DeployLicense ManagerManage Keys.

To view details on the use of a specific key, select the desired key:

  • System Name. The name of the system that includes an instance of this key. The key might not be in use.

  • System Type. The HP Systems Insight Manager defined system type of the named server, for example, server.

  • Seats Used. The total number of seats in use that are linked to the selected key.

  • Days Used

    Note: This field is blank if the key type is not DEMO.

  • Status. The status of the use of this key on the named system.

    Status messages include:

    • OK. The key is valid and in compliance.

    • Key not in use. The key is valid but not used.

    • License is fully subscribed. The license key is in full use on this target and consequently, if used elsewhere as well, might be over subscribed in total.

    • License is over subscribed. The license key is over used on this target.

    • License trial period has expired. The time limit on a time limited key (DEMO) has been exceeded.

    • Invalid license certificate. The key information as stored on this target system is invalid.

    • Wrong host equipment. The serial number of the target on which this key was found does not agree with the serial number contained within the key information retrieved from this machine.

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