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License Manager
Selecting Keys

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To select keys:

  1. The Select keys to deploy section is displayed with the following columns:

    • Product. The name of the licensed product.

    • Version. The version of the software for which the license is valid. Higher versions support lower versions. However, lower versions do not support higher versions. For example, version 2 would support version 1 software, but version 1 would not support version 2 software.

    • License Type. Six types of licenses are available. Refer to License Manager - About Keys for more information.

    • Seats Max. The total number of licenses authorized for use by this key.

    • Seats Used. The number of licenses that are currently used.

    • Days Max. The total number of days authorized for use by this key. (DEMO key only)

    • Key string. The license key.

  2. Click [Run Now]. Select another action from the menu to abort the deploy operation.

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