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Deployment Results

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Deployment results:

  • The following information displays on the Deployment Results page:

    Some keys can authorize use of one, two, or three different products, and therefore, one key may be deployed up to three times, once for each product it authorizes. The user cannot specify which product, authorized by a key, is to be deployed. The key is deployed and enables all of the products it licenses. If a product is not used on that system, no authorizations of use are consumed and the user takes no penalty as a result. Although License Manager displays information on Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) systems, licensing keys cannot be deployed directly to iLO systems because these systems do not currently support key deployment using this tool.

    Note: There is one row per system, per key, and per product for each key deployment of a key.

    • System Name. This column displays the names of the systems on which the task was executed.

    • Key. This column displays the key deployed to the target system.

    • Product. This is the name of the product associated with the deployment of this key.

    • Response Status. This column displays the response status from the system. If the Deploy Key task was successful for a specific target system and key, the The key deployed successfully message displays.

      If the Deploy Key task failed, an error message is displayed.

      Possible error messages include:

      • Target system is not running Microsoft Windows as required. The target node must be running some variant of the Windows operating system.

      • Target system denied connection access. Provide WBEM access credentials for this system. The default or supplied credentials are invalid for access to this target.

      • Credentials supplied are invalid or conflict with an existing set in use or the trust relationship between domains has failed. There is a conflict between the credentials supplied and those used in a current connection with the target system. Alternatively, the credentials supplied are outside of the domain (or trust) within which the target is operating.

      • Keys cannot be deployed to this system. There are no products for a system of this type. The target is not a server, desktop, notebook, or other type of system.

      • Permission to write licensing information at target system denied. The target system is not permitting remote access to its registry. The “remote registry service” must be running on all candidate targets. In this case, a simple check might help.

        • telnet hostname (connect to target host)

        • net start (verify that the remote registry service is already running)

        • net start remote registry service (start registry service if needed)

    Note: The following errors are rare.

    • Specified system is no longer in the database. The node information in the HP Systems Insight Manager database has been deleted by some other process.

    • Failed to create certificate for this key. There is a problem installing the key on this target system. It might be necessary to apply the key directly to the application or system requiring it.

    • Deployment of a key of this format is not supported. Key deployment is intended to support ProLiant Essentials keys only. License Manager can display foreign keys but cannot deploy them.

    • No keys selected. The keys previously selected are no longer present. This error is highly unlikely.

    • Key string is invalid. The key selected is invalid. This error is highly unlikely because it implies a key previously validated has been corrupted.

    • Problem deploying licensing information to this system. An unusual event occurred.

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