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Discovering Systems

The HP Systems Insight Manager discovery process for systems running Command View includes the following:

To access the links to Command View, select ToolsSystem InformationSystem PageLinks

  • CV XP on port 80 (http)

  • CV VA/SDM on port 4096 (http)

  • CV ESL on port 4095 (http)

  • Discovery of Command View EVA is encapsulated within the discovery of the HP StorageWorks Storage Management Appliance on ports 2301 or 2381.

HP Systems Insight Manager must be permitted to access the Web server.

To configure CV/SDM:

  1. Verify that the CMS is within a secure IP range in the Command View server configuration.

    • Host based. CMS IP address included in .../sanmgr/hostagent/config/access.dat.

    • OV/SAM management station. CMS station IP address included in /sanmgr/managementserver/config/authorizedClients.dat.

  2. Run Discovery to discover or re-identify the Command View systems. Refer to Administering the Software - Discovery for more information regarding running Discovery.

  3. Once Discovery is complete, you can group systems in HP Systems Insight Manager and launch Command View from the System Page. Refer to Using Default Tools - System Page for more information regarding the System Page.

To load the EVA MIB:

  • Enter mxmib -a cpqhsv110v3.cfg.

    Note: Loading the MIB could take several minutes to complete. For more information regarding MIBs, see Using Default Tools - MIBs.

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