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Storage Integration
About Storage Integration

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Storage System Events

HP Systems Insight Manager enables administrators to monitor inventory, configure and manage hardware resources and the system software that affects the systems.

HP Systems Insight Manager provides the administrator with a complete overview of the hardware status. Storage events provide the notification that a problem exists that could affect the availability of storage resources, which can affect system and application availability. HP Systems Insight Manager receives detailed event messages through WBEM events or SNMP traps. These events identify the system, the affected disk, and provides an error number for looking up more details as well as a description of the problem. The event details also contain links to the Command View server that generated the event. HP Systems Insight Manager associates a disk or RAID subsystem with the controller managing these drives for internal storage.

Storage System Inventory Details

HP Systems Insight Manager inventory retrieves and stores the following information from internal disk drives:

  • Disk

    • Total number of disk slots

    • Number of used slots

    • Slot ID

    • The type of disk in slot

    • Disk manufacturer

    • Disk model

    • Disk part number

    • Disk characteristics

    • Firmware version

    • Controller id that is managing this disk

  • Controller details

    • Total number of controllers

    • Controller type

    • Controller manufacturer

    • Model number

    • Part number

    • Slot ID that this card is installed in

    • Firmware version

    • Controller characteristics

  • RAID details

    • RAID type

    • RAID configuration

  • SAN and NAS

    • Network addresses

    • Manufacturer

    • Model

  • IS and MNHA

    • Part number

    • Total number of disks

    • Disk details

    • Servers being serviced by this system

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