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Storage Integration
About Storage Discovery

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Discovery and Identification

HP Systems Insight Manager discovers the storage systems that are on the LAN network and Command View storage device managers running on managed systems or devices. For internal disks, that HP Systems Insight Manager inventory component is able to identify all of the drives installed, the disk manufacturer, models, disk types, firmware revision, the internal location of the drive in the system, and the details of the controllers that they are managed by. For RAID drives, the RAID type (1 to 5) and manufacturer is discovered in addition to the details gathered for the internal drives. For SAN systems, HP Systems Insight Manager discovers the Command View servers that manage the devices on the SAN.

HP Systems Insight Manager displays storage systems as follows:

  • Internal drives . These systems must appear in the Properties pages as well as in the inventory database as components of their respective systems.

  • Tape libraries . These devices are identified and included on the System List displaying all systems.

  • SAN. The Command View systems for these devices are identified and available from the Links tab of the System Page for the systems serving the Command View systems.

HP Systems Insight Manager discovers SAN and NAS management applications and provides user access to system information upon launch of those applications.

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