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Storage Integration

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Storage Solutions Integration

Storage devices can be broken down into real time access and back up systems. Real time access systems can be subdivided into internal disks, redundant disk (RAID), tape libraries, storage area networks (SAN), and network attached storage (NAS).

Most data centers have combinations of these systems including:

  • Small Business. Almost entirely internal disk drives

  • Medium Business. Varying combination of internal disks and RAID systems

  • Large Business. Varying combination of internal disks, RAID, and some SAN or NAS

  • Enterprise Business. Mostly large SAN or NAS, some RAID and internal disks may be present

HP Systems Insight Manager is able to retrieve the information for the internal disk drives for systems being monitored. This does not mean that HP Systems Insight Manager actively manages and configures each of the systems indicated above. For RAID and SAN based storage, HP Systems Insight Manager discovers the StorageWorks CommandView storage device managers which in turn manage those disks.

HP Systems Insight Manager is able to perform the following:

  • Discover and identify storage systems that are directly attached to a server

  • Discover and identify storage systems that are on the network including tape libraries

  • Discover and identify HP StorageWorks CommandView storage device manager systems

  • Receive storage system events and associate them with the system that generated the event (through CommandView) running on a system, or from a tape library management card

  • Context launch appropriate management application from the context of the event, or the context of the system running the CommandView that generated the event

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