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Using Default Tools
Command Line Tools

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» Command Line Interface
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Use the command line interface (CLI) tools to execute basic UNIX and Windows commands remotely on one or more systems.

For additional information about the individual commands, refer to the associated manpage on an HP-UX and Linux system or the Windows command line help where the command tool is installed.

HP-UX and Linux provided Command Line Tools, such as ls and df, are run as root by default. For security reasons, you might want them to run as a specific user to avoid permitting unintended capabilities to a user.

To launch a command line tool:

  1. In the System Lists region, select the target systems.

  2. Select ToolsCommand Line Tools.


    Select ToolsCommand Line ToolsWindows for Windows command line tools.

  3. Select the command line tool that you want to run, and follow the steps to launch the tool. Refer to Using Tasks - Creating a Task for assistance with the steps.

  4. Click [Run Now] to launch the tool.

Command Line Interface

Use the mxtool command to launch these command tools on one or more systems from the command line interface. For assistance with this command, see the associated manpage or the Windows command line help.

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